Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Way Too Outta The Box

As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I receive a fair amount of Requests for Proposals from people looking for coaches. They may or may not be looking for a coach like me, but hey, I'll let them decide that... so I send my little blurb to them introducing myself and outlining my skills and services.

This morning in my inbox I had a reply from someone (it's always so nice to see a message with re: Response to RFP in the subject line). So I opened it up and the sender was Dr. So and So MD. The message:

Not interested. Way too out of the box for me.

Why did this elate me-? Why was this the most awesome rejection in the world?

Well, it said to me that my message about who I was and what I represent was getting across. My "brand identity" was so solid that it was totally NOT what Dr. Whoshisface was looking for. That makes it so much easier for the real locas to please stand up!

Gratitude in action...

More on gratitude:

Sunday February 8th was the Heart Institute Reunion at Childrens' Hospital of Orange County. My baby Citlalli, and a host of her peers, all gathered to celebrate the miracles of their lives. Last year, on April 15 to be exact, my 5 month old daughter underwent heart surgery and spent time in the cardiac intensive care unit. The people there worked miracles on her and their love and great care will forever stay with us. Today Citlalli is a rambunctious rock star toddler who took center stage on the dancefloor (yeah, they had a dj, magician, clowns, crafts, food, etc) and tore it up with the kiddies. She ate her first PB&J on white bread (semi-banned substances in our fridge), and made new friends. I couldn't help but get choked up- I'm such a sentimental one- and snuck into the stairwell to have my tears of joy. Then we went back in and Citlalli got into a conga line, did the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, the YMCA, the Hokey Pokey, strutted to Sly and the Family Stone and the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There".

So gratitude all over the place.


All my relations.