Sunday, May 23, 2004

Girls Day Out

Today is Sunday and it's a girls day out for Citlalli and I. This morning we took a hike up an oak canyon and then went to the new Home Depot where I picked up paint swatches for my home painting project. I have been putting off painting inside the house for... way too long now. Life is going to keep going on and I can't face those white walls anymore!

At this point I need time, energy and a willing crew. For starters, I'm just going to paint one wall red. A deep red, not a shocking red. Right behind the couch. I still need to decide what color to paint my office. I'm tossing it up between purple or Frida blue. Like La Casa Azul. Yes, my little office needs to be Friday inspired.


If anyone out there has ever gotten stuck in the white wall paralysis of not knowing what color to go with, please share your story with me. "Just paint the damn wall" the voice inside me says.

"Oh, but you have to TSP the walls and get drop cloths and clean brushes..."

Can you hear that Trickster's voice? Anything to keep me static.

OK... I promise that by next weekend I will have AT LEAST painted that one wall red. On my honor. All my relations.


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