Friday, May 28, 2004

June Gloom is Alright With Me

June Gloom has descended upon Southern California and I say "YAY".

Yay for fog.
Yay for the color grey.
Yay for wearing a sweatshirt in May.

I'm a displaced San Franciscan, one who bitched and moaned every summer because everyone else in the world (it seemed) was having fun in the sun while I was wrapped up in big coats, hats and gloves. I have a picture of myself and my friend Suzanne at a Giant's game one July. I'm wearing a beret, a big scarf and a heavy jacket. She's got a chiffon scarf wrapped over her head, her cheeks red from the wind. We were both freezing our butts off. I think the Giants lost that night too.

"Oh if only I lived in a warm climate", I cried.

Fast forward. I've now lived in Southern California almost 4 years and I'm ecstatic that it's foggy! I love the way my plants look in the light, I love the way we can go out walking at noon and not fry in the heat. Absence must have made my heart grow fonder.

So like a long lost love, I greet the fog with a familiar longing. I know it won't be here long enough for me to tire of it. I know that it's only a monthlong phenomenon. And like the recalling of long lost love, if it were to stick around long enough, it would remind me of all the things that drove me crazy...

Fog, you're welcome here today.
Just don't wear out your welcome...

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