Saturday, May 22, 2004

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say What the #$%@

Back in college I slung hash, pushed cocktails... worked as a waitress for those of you unfamiliar with those terms. This one bartender named Ron used to always say "Sometimes you just gotta say what the f#$%."

For me today, that translates into giving myself permission to let things go. Let things slide so that I can enjoy life.

I was having one of those weeks where each day seemed more stressful than the previous. After a good long talk with my coach, I realized that I needed to get out and away from the home office, get out into the sunshine and PLAY. So yesterday Paco, Citlalli and I went to the park during a 2 hour break I had between client calls.

Paco pushed little Miss C on the baby swing and I took off like a badass 8th grader on the big girl swing. This permagrin started on my face and I felt the freedom of flight. It was very therapeutic and released an enormous amount of stress.

When I got back home, I had a consult with Anita Larson, the Web Muse and she gave me some amazing tips for my website. I felt so overjoyed after talking to her that I wanted to run victory laps around my house and high five the monitor. She's my kind of woman- straight talker, down to earth, ethical and fun. The lady knows her stuff. So I'm looking forward to revamping my website by the end of the summer. If anyone reading this is a website re-vamping expert, drop me a line. I'm looking for a few good vamps.

So back to this freedom thing. Today we took a very reluctant Citlalli to the Irvine Farmers Market- she won't do the stroller, didn't want dad, just wanted me, etc. Same old same old. But on the way home we stopped at Irvine Park up in the hills and took Citlalli on the little railroad there. Too much fun! She whooped it up the whole time. Then we went to the zoo but Paco had to leave because he's a vegetarian and has issues with animals in captivity. I tried to explain that they were rescued animals but he got too bummed. Citlalli and I were blessed to visit a red tail hawk, a golden eagle and a bald eagle. It is sad seeing an eagle in a large aviary, knowing that it must soar high to live, but I suppose that these birds had injuries or something that prevented them from doing things.

So here it is, Saturday afternoon. I'm feeling refreshed, Citlalli is napping and I just figured out this blogging thing. Look out world, this is the start of something SNAZZY.

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