Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oops... I Gave My Kid a Mullet

Hmmm.... it all started so innocently. Had a fun day at the park, Citlalli played in the sandbox and brought half of it home in her clothes, hair,etc. OK, this is a no-brainer... put the kid in the tub, right?

Yes, the tub. Rubber duckies, special organic natural no tears shampoo, washcloth... then I look at her hair and remember how I've been wanting to trim those sides. The left side was about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer over the sides so I grabbed my haircutting scissors and thought I'd do a quick little snip.

Me, scissors.
Child in tub, hair nice and wet.
All signals say go.

Just as I go to cut it, she moves and I end up snipping her hair way over her adorable little ears. Oops. Better even them out with the other side. Oops again... hmm, I wonder how this will look when it dries.

Long story short- she has this faux-postmodern mullet that on her works... I just hope that the sides grow in quickly. Cami, our former babysitter is coming over tomorrow night to straighten things out. She's gifted in the hair arranging dept.

Yes, I am a lucky woman to have such great helpers in my life!

Bunny and Tallo Update
Talked to my mom today and now that she has become a Pocket Comadre subscriber, she does fun things like read my blog and my ezine.

"You haven't written a Bunny and Tallo Report in some time. Are you losing interest?"

"Of course not Mom, I just got busy and sometimes I can't get to the blogging... "

"And what is this about you giving away all your gourds?"

"Well, the garage was packed and we needed the space..."

"But your gourds are so outstanding! Please don't stop making them, they're so beautiful!"

"No, I'm not giving them up. I saved a bunch, I just don't need 200 in my garage."

She let out a "hmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and left the topic alone.

Meanwhile, Tallo is at a decorative painters convention and probably whooping it up at some hotel in Las Vegas with a bunch of senior citizen craftistas. Did I ever mention that she bakes about 1500 Christmas cookies every December? The woman is an ass kicker in the home ec world. You young crafty mamas could learn a thing or two from Tallo- she's been there, done that, bought the pattern.

And by the way, the finches finally came! They are lovely little green and black wild canaries and I love them. They co-exist nicely with the hummingbirds and we're one big happy avian loving family.

My midsummer resolution is to blog more, email less. Stay tuned to find out if I keep at it!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Teething Stole My Life...

When your child's molars grow in, life as you know it grinds to a halt. Especially if your child's name is Citlalli. The modus operendi with Citlalli is that NOTHING COMES EASY with her. She's a doll and the light of our lives, but she does everything with such GUSTO it can sometimes make life a bit tiring for us parents.

Citlalli is a "slow teether". That means that when her teeth come in, they creep in, they meander in, they take their sweet time coming in. So last Thursday night when she woke up at 10pm screaming, it was only a slight signal of what was yet to come. This past week has been a bizarre torture fest (for all of us) as Mother Nature plants those chompers in my girl's mouth.

I've tried to lower my expectations of what I can get done this week and am finding myself spending more time just BEING THERE for little Miss C. Today I took a nice long break to go out and play on the grass, kick the red ball around, turn her upside down. When I came back in, my comadre Lorinda emailed to say how much she loved Citlalli's recent pics, and how important it is to cherish each moment while kids are young.

Scroll down for a few of my favorites... those were the rare "still" moments, taken by our good friend Helena Pasquarella who co-owns Kiss of Light Photography. She has a gift for capturing natural moments of life.

Cherish a precious relationship today!

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Finches feeding from someone else's feeder... it sure ain't mine! Posted by Hello

Waiting for Finches

Just as a watched pot never boils, neither does a watched finch feeder feed finches.

Finches are cool little birds with all sorts of afficionados... like me, Charles Darwin, the wild birdstore by my house, my husband... Second to hummingbirds, they are fun to watch.

OK, sidenote. I just realized that I'm going through this fascination with small animals... I want a chihuahua SOOOOOOOOOO badly, I have hummingbird feeders and hummingbird attracting plants all over and now the finch feeder. Tiny is good. Tiny is my friend.

Alright, back to my finch story: I went to the local wild birdstore on Mother's Day and got a new hummingbird feeder. While there, I became fascinated with the finch feeder they had hanging out back so I had to get one. This is the type of store that sells GOOD birdfeeders, not the Target cheapo good for one season til the cat knocks it over birdfeeders, AND the staff know their birds. So I went a little crazy in there, getting a feeder, special food, a big yellow overhang for the feeder to attract those little critters... but after 2 weeks no finches. I was so bummed.

I called the store and spoke with one of the guys and he suggested I move it to a different place, and maybe consider getting a cassette tape of birdsongs to attract them. I only want the best for my little friends so I plunked down another $50 on an adjustable pole with arms and hooks, a birdie filial, a claw-footed stabilizer so it will stay in the ground and yes, the $19.99 cassette tape of birdies tweeting.

With Paco's help, we set up the feeder, plugged the cassette player in, and blasted birdie dinner songs for all the neighbors to hear. My sister called and as I talked to her, I paced back and forth to the window looking for finches. She was talking to me about picking figs at Auntie Tallo's house. I'd say finch, she'd say fig.

No finches.

Paco is laughing because he thinks I'm trying to control the birds.

"No", I protested "I'm ATTRACTING them. It's not controlling."

Hmmm. Or is it? I am doing everything I can to make finches come to my yard but they aren't here yet. Is there something unattractive to finches lingering?

I'm not going to get that deep into it. I don't think it deserves a metaphysical treatise, but damn... I sure wish those birds would come!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Loca Update: A Review of the Week

The house painting thing:
If you read earlier posts, you know that I struggled with the whole paint the house thing. I can't believe I posted things in this blog and didn't update you. Paco, the man of the hour, tied his dreadlocks up and delivered big time with not one, but four walls of polychromatic splendor! The wall behind the couch is now a deep maple red and the walls in the dining area are more of a pumpkin/terra cotta. The couch is a solid blue denim-ish fabric so it all goes well. I know, I know I'm about 20 years too late for the Southwestern craze, but we're O.G. indigenous so it's all good! I have to be careful not to look too El Torito, but it's very nice and incorporates a lot of our heritage and spirituality into the decor.

The Babysitting Situation:
We met Lupe yesterday and she's a lovely woman. I'm such a %^&#&^& idiot, I gave her the wrong address and pobrecita, she spent half an hour trying to find our place. Meanwhile we're looking at the clock thinking, this lady must be a total flake. When I replayed our conversation back in my head I realized I said our street number was cincuenta y cinco not sesenta y seis. Upon realizing this I raced out to the garage and urged Paco to get in the car and circle the neighborhood to find her. I was out of my mind and he was all into this "Take it slow, slow down" mode. I DON'T THINK SO! Well, we saw a car circling around, it was her, turns out we know her brother, Citlalli liked her, so we'll see.

More Cool Client Stories:
Just got a note from a multi-talented localicious who said our coaching session left her feeling "like the Tazmanian Devil". Well wooo-huuuu. It's nice to work with clients who I "get" and who "get" me.

I am a member of the California Gourd Society and that reminds me, I need to renew my American Gourd Society membership. Gourd crafting is the coolest medium I've ever worked in and I'm about to enter my masterpiece in the International Gourd Art Festival in Fallbrook, CA. Last time I entered a Virgen of Guadalupe gourd lamp and got second place (i deserved first, I tell ya...) This is a circle of Indigenous women all sitting around, each with a beautiful shawl. I really need to get a digital camera so I can put this stuff up. I can describe so many things, but I have trouble describing this piece. I gave it to my sister after she came and helped me after Citlalli's birth and she just shipped it down to me and then it's off to Welburn's Gourd Farm for the festival.

Anyway, my gourding days are pretty lean since Miss Citlalli came into my life so this weekend I'm donating about 50 gourds to my local gourd patch so they can use them in outreach. I think that the it will be good to let them go and introduce the medium to other gourders. If you've never gourded before, contact me and put "gourds" in the subject line. I'm a gourd evangelist. I think the world would be a much better place if we all crafted gourds.

Weekend Fun
Citlalli and I just got back from Alianza Indigena's Music, Poetry and Art Festival. It was so cool hearing these youngsters rapping freestyle mixes of Rasta, Chicano, Indigena lines. Plus poetry on identity, ancestry, racism, politica, todo. It was great plus I ate a killer taco de carne asada with a big glass of tamarindo. Now that's my kind of summer day!

Friday, June 04, 2004


WAHM: Work at Home Mom
WHAM!: George Michael and Andrew Ridgley, pop superstars of the early 80's

Don't get the two mixed up.

So here is the ink on Citlalli and I in the Orange County Excelsior:

The photo is me in my fannytabulous home office (originally intended to be "the nursery", yeah right) with young Citlallapalooza trying to snag something from my hand. Sadly, the photo says my name is Arabela, which is a fine name, it just isn't mine.

If you don't read Spanish, it basically says that I am a successful work at home mom who juggles raising a toddler with running an exciting business. And business is exciting, too.

Been getting client success stories galore... an artist featured in a newspaper article showcasing her work, a media producer getting a meeting with a BIG TV production company, a web solutions guru who has people practically beating down the door to hire her team, a healing professional landing a spot on a major documentary television show... for whatever reason, things really heat up when you add the focus of coaching to the equation.

Haven't interviewed the potential new CitlalliSitter yet, but that will come today at 1:30. What questions should I ask? How do I know who to trust? Whoever is out there reading this, drop me a line

paz out...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bunny and Tallo Report, Babysitting Woes, etc

Let's start off with some joy:
Bunny and Tallo are studying "Cats" in their Broadway musical class. First they read T.S. Eliot's book, then watched the video of the Broadway performance. Bunny, who sneezes in fits when near cats, confessed that she can now understand how some people (like my sister with 5 cats)can love cats as much as they do.

They are also studying a lesser known Shakespeare play in their Shakespeare class, but I don't even remember what it was! I'm not a big Shakespeare person, although I did enjoy the PBS special a few months ago. I'm just too much of a 20th Century women of color fan to sink my teeth into Bill's stuff.

OK, so the babysitting woes...
Cami, our wonderful babysitter whose daily presence makes it possible for me to run my business, just told me that she found her dream job teaching Special Education to deaf adults. I'm happy for her, but bummed that I have to do the whole babysitter hiring/screening thing all over again.

HOWEVER... I know that this is the Creator's way of clearing the way for yet another awesome person to enter our lives. We immediately starting talking to people and I've already received a call from a woman named Lupe who is coming tomorrow for an interview. I asked her if she'd be open to helping with some light housework and she said "Si, como no!". Well sign her up cuz if someone can not only help me with Citlalli but also help me clean... well, that's a dream come true.

I think there will be a I Hate Housework blog coming down the road soon.

OK, more cool news... Friday June 4 I'll be featured in a newspaper article about work at home moms for the Orange County Excelsior. It's a Spanish language newspaper and if it's online you know you'll be seeing it here soon.

As I write this, Citlalli has torn apart my office supply drawer and has post-its and file folder labels everywhere. And I wonder why I can't do housework!