Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bunny and Tallo Report, Babysitting Woes, etc

Let's start off with some joy:
Bunny and Tallo are studying "Cats" in their Broadway musical class. First they read T.S. Eliot's book, then watched the video of the Broadway performance. Bunny, who sneezes in fits when near cats, confessed that she can now understand how some people (like my sister with 5 cats)can love cats as much as they do.

They are also studying a lesser known Shakespeare play in their Shakespeare class, but I don't even remember what it was! I'm not a big Shakespeare person, although I did enjoy the PBS special a few months ago. I'm just too much of a 20th Century women of color fan to sink my teeth into Bill's stuff.

OK, so the babysitting woes...
Cami, our wonderful babysitter whose daily presence makes it possible for me to run my business, just told me that she found her dream job teaching Special Education to deaf adults. I'm happy for her, but bummed that I have to do the whole babysitter hiring/screening thing all over again.

HOWEVER... I know that this is the Creator's way of clearing the way for yet another awesome person to enter our lives. We immediately starting talking to people and I've already received a call from a woman named Lupe who is coming tomorrow for an interview. I asked her if she'd be open to helping with some light housework and she said "Si, como no!". Well sign her up cuz if someone can not only help me with Citlalli but also help me clean... well, that's a dream come true.

I think there will be a I Hate Housework blog coming down the road soon.

OK, more cool news... Friday June 4 I'll be featured in a newspaper article about work at home moms for the Orange County Excelsior. It's a Spanish language newspaper and if it's online you know you'll be seeing it here soon.

As I write this, Citlalli has torn apart my office supply drawer and has post-its and file folder labels everywhere. And I wonder why I can't do housework!

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