Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Loca Update: A Review of the Week

The house painting thing:
If you read earlier posts, you know that I struggled with the whole paint the house thing. I can't believe I posted things in this blog and didn't update you. Paco, the man of the hour, tied his dreadlocks up and delivered big time with not one, but four walls of polychromatic splendor! The wall behind the couch is now a deep maple red and the walls in the dining area are more of a pumpkin/terra cotta. The couch is a solid blue denim-ish fabric so it all goes well. I know, I know I'm about 20 years too late for the Southwestern craze, but we're O.G. indigenous so it's all good! I have to be careful not to look too El Torito, but it's very nice and incorporates a lot of our heritage and spirituality into the decor.

The Babysitting Situation:
We met Lupe yesterday and she's a lovely woman. I'm such a %^&#&^& idiot, I gave her the wrong address and pobrecita, she spent half an hour trying to find our place. Meanwhile we're looking at the clock thinking, this lady must be a total flake. When I replayed our conversation back in my head I realized I said our street number was cincuenta y cinco not sesenta y seis. Upon realizing this I raced out to the garage and urged Paco to get in the car and circle the neighborhood to find her. I was out of my mind and he was all into this "Take it slow, slow down" mode. I DON'T THINK SO! Well, we saw a car circling around, it was her, turns out we know her brother, Citlalli liked her, so we'll see.

More Cool Client Stories:
Just got a note from a multi-talented localicious who said our coaching session left her feeling "like the Tazmanian Devil". Well wooo-huuuu. It's nice to work with clients who I "get" and who "get" me.

I am a member of the California Gourd Society and that reminds me, I need to renew my American Gourd Society membership. Gourd crafting is the coolest medium I've ever worked in and I'm about to enter my masterpiece in the International Gourd Art Festival in Fallbrook, CA. Last time I entered a Virgen of Guadalupe gourd lamp and got second place (i deserved first, I tell ya...) This is a circle of Indigenous women all sitting around, each with a beautiful shawl. I really need to get a digital camera so I can put this stuff up. I can describe so many things, but I have trouble describing this piece. I gave it to my sister after she came and helped me after Citlalli's birth and she just shipped it down to me and then it's off to Welburn's Gourd Farm for the festival.

Anyway, my gourding days are pretty lean since Miss Citlalli came into my life so this weekend I'm donating about 50 gourds to my local gourd patch so they can use them in outreach. I think that the it will be good to let them go and introduce the medium to other gourders. If you've never gourded before, contact me and put "gourds" in the subject line. I'm a gourd evangelist. I think the world would be a much better place if we all crafted gourds.

Weekend Fun
Citlalli and I just got back from Alianza Indigena's Music, Poetry and Art Festival. It was so cool hearing these youngsters rapping freestyle mixes of Rasta, Chicano, Indigena lines. Plus poetry on identity, ancestry, racism, politica, todo. It was great plus I ate a killer taco de carne asada with a big glass of tamarindo. Now that's my kind of summer day!

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