Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oops... I Gave My Kid a Mullet

Hmmm.... it all started so innocently. Had a fun day at the park, Citlalli played in the sandbox and brought half of it home in her clothes, hair,etc. OK, this is a no-brainer... put the kid in the tub, right?

Yes, the tub. Rubber duckies, special organic natural no tears shampoo, washcloth... then I look at her hair and remember how I've been wanting to trim those sides. The left side was about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer over the sides so I grabbed my haircutting scissors and thought I'd do a quick little snip.

Me, scissors.
Child in tub, hair nice and wet.
All signals say go.

Just as I go to cut it, she moves and I end up snipping her hair way over her adorable little ears. Oops. Better even them out with the other side. Oops again... hmm, I wonder how this will look when it dries.

Long story short- she has this faux-postmodern mullet that on her works... I just hope that the sides grow in quickly. Cami, our former babysitter is coming over tomorrow night to straighten things out. She's gifted in the hair arranging dept.

Yes, I am a lucky woman to have such great helpers in my life!

Bunny and Tallo Update
Talked to my mom today and now that she has become a Pocket Comadre subscriber, she does fun things like read my blog and my ezine.

"You haven't written a Bunny and Tallo Report in some time. Are you losing interest?"

"Of course not Mom, I just got busy and sometimes I can't get to the blogging... "

"And what is this about you giving away all your gourds?"

"Well, the garage was packed and we needed the space..."

"But your gourds are so outstanding! Please don't stop making them, they're so beautiful!"

"No, I'm not giving them up. I saved a bunch, I just don't need 200 in my garage."

She let out a "hmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and left the topic alone.

Meanwhile, Tallo is at a decorative painters convention and probably whooping it up at some hotel in Las Vegas with a bunch of senior citizen craftistas. Did I ever mention that she bakes about 1500 Christmas cookies every December? The woman is an ass kicker in the home ec world. You young crafty mamas could learn a thing or two from Tallo- she's been there, done that, bought the pattern.

And by the way, the finches finally came! They are lovely little green and black wild canaries and I love them. They co-exist nicely with the hummingbirds and we're one big happy avian loving family.

My midsummer resolution is to blog more, email less. Stay tuned to find out if I keep at it!

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