Thursday, June 24, 2004

Teething Stole My Life...

When your child's molars grow in, life as you know it grinds to a halt. Especially if your child's name is Citlalli. The modus operendi with Citlalli is that NOTHING COMES EASY with her. She's a doll and the light of our lives, but she does everything with such GUSTO it can sometimes make life a bit tiring for us parents.

Citlalli is a "slow teether". That means that when her teeth come in, they creep in, they meander in, they take their sweet time coming in. So last Thursday night when she woke up at 10pm screaming, it was only a slight signal of what was yet to come. This past week has been a bizarre torture fest (for all of us) as Mother Nature plants those chompers in my girl's mouth.

I've tried to lower my expectations of what I can get done this week and am finding myself spending more time just BEING THERE for little Miss C. Today I took a nice long break to go out and play on the grass, kick the red ball around, turn her upside down. When I came back in, my comadre Lorinda emailed to say how much she loved Citlalli's recent pics, and how important it is to cherish each moment while kids are young.

Scroll down for a few of my favorites... those were the rare "still" moments, taken by our good friend Helena Pasquarella who co-owns Kiss of Light Photography. She has a gift for capturing natural moments of life.

Cherish a precious relationship today!

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