Friday, June 04, 2004


WAHM: Work at Home Mom
WHAM!: George Michael and Andrew Ridgley, pop superstars of the early 80's

Don't get the two mixed up.

So here is the ink on Citlalli and I in the Orange County Excelsior:

The photo is me in my fannytabulous home office (originally intended to be "the nursery", yeah right) with young Citlallapalooza trying to snag something from my hand. Sadly, the photo says my name is Arabela, which is a fine name, it just isn't mine.

If you don't read Spanish, it basically says that I am a successful work at home mom who juggles raising a toddler with running an exciting business. And business is exciting, too.

Been getting client success stories galore... an artist featured in a newspaper article showcasing her work, a media producer getting a meeting with a BIG TV production company, a web solutions guru who has people practically beating down the door to hire her team, a healing professional landing a spot on a major documentary television show... for whatever reason, things really heat up when you add the focus of coaching to the equation.

Haven't interviewed the potential new CitlalliSitter yet, but that will come today at 1:30. What questions should I ask? How do I know who to trust? Whoever is out there reading this, drop me a line

paz out...

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