Saturday, June 12, 2004

Waiting for Finches

Just as a watched pot never boils, neither does a watched finch feeder feed finches.

Finches are cool little birds with all sorts of afficionados... like me, Charles Darwin, the wild birdstore by my house, my husband... Second to hummingbirds, they are fun to watch.

OK, sidenote. I just realized that I'm going through this fascination with small animals... I want a chihuahua SOOOOOOOOOO badly, I have hummingbird feeders and hummingbird attracting plants all over and now the finch feeder. Tiny is good. Tiny is my friend.

Alright, back to my finch story: I went to the local wild birdstore on Mother's Day and got a new hummingbird feeder. While there, I became fascinated with the finch feeder they had hanging out back so I had to get one. This is the type of store that sells GOOD birdfeeders, not the Target cheapo good for one season til the cat knocks it over birdfeeders, AND the staff know their birds. So I went a little crazy in there, getting a feeder, special food, a big yellow overhang for the feeder to attract those little critters... but after 2 weeks no finches. I was so bummed.

I called the store and spoke with one of the guys and he suggested I move it to a different place, and maybe consider getting a cassette tape of birdsongs to attract them. I only want the best for my little friends so I plunked down another $50 on an adjustable pole with arms and hooks, a birdie filial, a claw-footed stabilizer so it will stay in the ground and yes, the $19.99 cassette tape of birdies tweeting.

With Paco's help, we set up the feeder, plugged the cassette player in, and blasted birdie dinner songs for all the neighbors to hear. My sister called and as I talked to her, I paced back and forth to the window looking for finches. She was talking to me about picking figs at Auntie Tallo's house. I'd say finch, she'd say fig.

No finches.

Paco is laughing because he thinks I'm trying to control the birds.

"No", I protested "I'm ATTRACTING them. It's not controlling."

Hmmm. Or is it? I am doing everything I can to make finches come to my yard but they aren't here yet. Is there something unattractive to finches lingering?

I'm not going to get that deep into it. I don't think it deserves a metaphysical treatise, but damn... I sure wish those birds would come!

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