Friday, July 23, 2004

In the News, Ideal Clients and Other Cool Dealios

First the News Part:

I recently gave a couple of interviews that will be hitting the newstands in September, one maybe in October and another one pending. 

When Latinos see the name "Comadre Coaching" they are instantly intrigued. I didn't decide on that name because I thought it would attract news attention, I just couldn't think of a better name to describe what I do for a living. A comadre is a trusted female friend, advisor, confidant. She'll tell you when your gut is sticking out, she'll champion you in your endeavors. A couple of journalists contacted me to learn more about what I do, how I weave Latino/Indigenous philosophy into my work, what types of women I work with, etc.  It was fun being interviewed because I've been practicing for a while. I talk to myself when I drive and why not give an interview!  (Must note this for a future Loca Ritual!) 

Look for me in the Orange County Register in September or October, Latino Future in September and catch an article I wrote for Cuerpo Magazine that should be coming out soon.

Ideal Clients
Last week at a networking event for eWomen Network, Lisa Cherney of Conscious Marketing presented on attracting your ideal clients. Who are they, how do they make you feel, do you feel energized by them?  I instantly thought of several clients I currently have, especially my Chispa Group. They are the coolest bunch of women ever assembled in one place and I give thanks and praise every day for them.

During Lisa's talk, she identified her ideal clients. People who "get" her, who resonate with what she calls "intuitive marketing", which is not as woo-woo as it sounds! It's all about attracting people who you love, who love you and who energize you.  So at the end of her presentation, she passed out song lyrics, popped in a CD and asked everyone to stand and sing along!  You should have seen the botox squirm! I was in the back so I could see everyone and it was split between  "what the hell, let's have fun" and "no way am I singing at a women's networking event!"  Well, I sang and had a blast. The waiters stood behind me and laughed and I just shrugged it all off. I called Lisa the next day to congratulate her on her boldness. By being herself, she probably eliminated the discomfort of trying to make less than ideal clients into ideal clients. I applaud her courage and love the idea that people who are in love with her style will contact her.  There are lots out there and I wish her continued success.

Other Dealios...
I'm starting a new coaching circle and I'm so very very excited about it. I'm still doing the page for it, but if you want a sneak peak go to

Instead of a Master Mind group (a collection of successful people who gather to continue their success) it's a Maestra Mind Group.

Sorry guys, chicas only.  It's going to be great. The first group will be for women who have owned a business for at least one year with a newbie group forming later this year.

Then there is the Craftypreneur Project, an effort to help funky crafters take their work to a larger scale, make a living off of it and put more vibrancy in this world with their awesome work. Three free conference calls will take place in September... zap me an email and I'll send you mas info.

peace out mi gente!



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