Thursday, July 01, 2004

More Musings On Mullets

I sent out a link to this mullet thing to family and friends and left a long message on my friend Suzanne's answering machine asking for specific definitions of "mullet", as perhaps I was confusing what I did w/ something else. Maybe I gave a "Jennifer" or a new century shag.

Suzanne straightened me out. Here is her response:

hi - got your message last night - and yes, a mullet, by definition is
short on top and long in the back. a bi-level, two-tiered hairdoo,
business in the front party in the back...

i believe the mullet was dignified and maybe even cool in the
post-punk, new wave music movement of the 80's when Bowie and Mel Gibson sported
the doo.
But all mullet-dignity plunged and staleness crept in when mulletites
michael bolton and billie ray cyrus came late to the party .

according to my book, "the mullet - hairstyle of the gods" by mark
larson and barney hoskyns, the mullet has been around for centuries.

"Will the Mullet ever disappear?" the authors ask themselves
"The short answer is, not as long as people have hair and ears." they
answer themselves.

Suzanne McKaig is a multi-faceted writer, product developer and dream documentarian. Her upcoming line of dream inspired pillow cases will be on the Bettyware label.

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