Friday, July 02, 2004

Quotes from Chairman Paco

Paco is my dreadlocked Chicano/Yaqui/Sober/Rasta/Radical husband who has a penchant for boiling down life's complexities into streetwise, edgy phrases.

Elusive as he is, I don't have any photos of him to offer. But I do have a couple of gems that only could come from Paco.

On going to see an artsy, foreign film:
"I don't want to see some movie about a kid in Norway tryin' to fly a kite."

On the misbehaviors of my twin 8 year old cousins, little demons with slickly combed hair and preppie sweaters:
"Who invited the Menendez Brothers?"
(remember Lyle and Eric?)

graffiti left on one of my inspirational, visioning post-it notes:
My words: What is it I want?
Scraggly graffiti added: "Chocolate cookies!! And a little respect..."

More will be revealed...

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