Thursday, August 05, 2004

Chispas Light My Fire

Chispa means spark and that is also the name of my super coaching circle that meets every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific Time.

This group has brought so much to me and to each other. What amazes me more than anything is how EACH PERSON in the group, without ever meeting beforehand, without any conjuring or selecting before I came into the scene, HAD SOMETHING EXTREMELY VALUABLE to offer someone else in the group.

Suzanne is an original Chispa, a veterana in the coaching circle. She bonded and loved the original Chispa circle and was sad to see our original Chispas Diana and Ellen move on. How could we ever replace that synergy? I was worried that any other incarnation would fail.

Then I received word from two complete and total strangers, Maria and Ruth. They were both interested in the Chispa circle. We started off and from day one, Chispa sparks flew.

Ruth has a wonderful idea for a culturally based media project. Coincidentally, Suzanne has an extensive background in media and production and was able to give Ruth specific information to get her project going.

Coincidence or the work of the all so powerful Inner Loca?

Suzanne has this wonderful idea to spread dreamy story snippets and haikus to the world on cool, relaxing items. Ruth and Maria each gave Suzanne valuable feedback on their favorite surreal dreams Suzanne wrote and encouraged her when "administrivia" and the like crept in.

Maria is an enormously gifted artist who came into the group with reservations of putting her work out there. Within three months of being a Chispa, Maria produced 15 new paintings, was selling her work like hotcakes, launched new products for the home.... and so much more. (Does this woman not require sleep, I wondered...)

Meanwhile, Ruth overcame this huge block to being organized and is currently experiencing the domino effect of inspiration... the creative surge in one part of life seeped into all others. She is now recarpeting, repainting the whole house! The Mexican kitchen of her dreams is on the way and there is no stopping this Chispa.

Suzanne, whose creativity is boundless, was having trouble paring down her many ideas to name her product. She floated names out to the group, but finally the other day a name struck that sounded so authentic, so THERE for her that everyone unanimously supported her.

The beauty of this group is the total honesty and unwavering support offered.

At the request of the group, the focus for August will be tweaking and refining our creative mission statements. These are living documents that change occasionally, but constantly reinforce and emphasize our special gifts to the world.

Sadly, Maria just left our group because of a scheduling conflict. That won't keep us from calling her, emailing her and getting updates on her latest pieces. The bond we created will remain.

That means that we have space for more Chispas. Are you interested in turning your idea into a plan, of connecting with other creative women and being part of a community that honors and accepts you as a creative soul?

Let me know. Email me and I'll gladly explain the process for signing up, or you can visit the coaching circle webpage on my website.


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