Monday, August 16, 2004

Spam, Finches... there's just so much going on here

OK, in my last post, which due to the bizarre nature of blogging you must read on to see, I complained about the Spam problem w/ my email. I neglected to mention that I finally got a spam filter called Spam Inspector and it's working well. I tried Spam Assassin a few months ago and hated it... you had to read your email from their website and it was a big headache.

That doesn't mean I no longer receive 2 billion cryptic messages about refinancing my home, buying pharmaceuticals in Canada and the old standby, Viagra. (I'm curious to see what Google Adsense banner is running at the top of this page considering these hot key words!)

OK, I must get off this negative perch and focus on a more positive one. Speaking of perches, that reminds me of the finches.

A while back, I told you about the finch feeder I got myself for Mother's Day. After more than a month and several expensive solutions, I finally got finches to come to my feeder.

For about three weeks we had one, maybe two. They're cute little birdies, yellow-green feathers with black wings. Very green hornet in the color scheme area.

Then one or two more would come by, I'd see them more frequently...

Then suddenly one day there were about 10 of these little critters feeding on the special finch food that costs $40 for a 25 pound bag.

They devoured the contents of the feeder in one day. That was pretty fast. I went back to the bird store to get more food and asked the resident finch expert if this was a seasonal behavior, if they were going to be that busy on my feeder... he told me that finches live here all year round, that yes this was what happens when you put an attractive bird feeder outside and then he proceeded to tell me about the incredible diversity of California's wild bird population.

So I wanted finches, I asked for finches and I got finches!
Tons of little finches and they are amazing. Their cuteness makes up for their expensive eating habits and now we have doves hanging around in the late afternoon, stealing finch food and taking up lots of space on the feeder.

In addition to all that, we still have a prolific hummingbird feeder out front and a new passionflower plant (indigo) attracts a gorgeous butterfly.

Park a unicorn out front and I'd have a wonderland of sorts!

Don't think I live in some wooded area or enchanted meadow. I live in Southern California, a jampacked metropolitan area with donut shops and trendy tattoo parlors in every strip mall. But we managed to carve out a bit of wild space for our winged friends and that's all good with me.

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