Tuesday, August 24, 2004

With the Folks

My sister, my daughter, my niece and I had a lovely, uneventful trek up California Hwy 5. So here we are at la casa de los parents enjoying life.

It has been a nonstop whirlwind, much different than my last trip up here. Lots of stuff going on that must be dealt with:

1. Niece Kati (the one who was on Design on a Dime) just started at my alma mater, San Francisco State University. We moved her into the dorms which was a huge job, but the little coed is safe and secure in her new home. I woke up the next day worried about her... what if her alarm doesn't go off, what if she loses her schedule, what if she gets homesick? I'm not even her mother and I'm worried. Imagine what her mom is feeling!

Kati is a wonderful artist who marches to the beat of her own drummer. She is full of awkwardness, innocence and cynicism, a truly artistic combination. I just want everyone to send good thoughts her way and help her get through the adjustment period. I think she's going to find her groove at SFSU.

2. Good friend Mo is coming out here from Austin, TX with her new baby, Bridget (Bridie). Mo and I have known each other since first grade and have remained friends ever since. Suz, Mo and I all went to SFSU together and our lives have been intertwined as a threesome for almost 20 years. We all had babies in the past year or so, first Citlalli , then Suz had Elizabeth now Mo has Bridie. We couldn't have planned it better. This will be the first time we're all assembled w/ kids. Citlalli has been practicing "gentle" for the past couple of weeks so she doesn't overwhelm the little little ones too much. We'll get together later this week and I can't wait.

In the meantime, La Jefe Lorinda of Bella Brava and I are finally going to meet face to face and that is beyond cool. I'm going out there on Thursday. If you haven't tried her Cucumber Facial Tonic you must run and not walk to Bella Brava and get yourself some. I had an out of body experience, as in "this can't possibly be the skin on MY face". The thoughts that pass through our heads as 40 looms on !

So today Citlalli and I hope to get a little shopping done. We're on our own today as Grandma and Auntie must dash over to SFSU and deliver a few more items to niece Kati in the dorms. Tomorrow we have a big lunch date w/ familia, a major girl party with a newborn baby all the way up to my 90 year old aunt.

btw, we revisited the Scrabble game and both TML and I ceded to Bunny. Low blood sugar, tired, crabby, we just couldn't bear it so we ran off crying like a couple of distraught kittiies.

Asi es la vida!

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