Monday, September 06, 2004

Bulletin of the Board

Today's entry is a substitute for my random newsletter, The Pocket Comadre. I've had a taste of keeping life simple and this blog thing is as good as it gets for right now. So please read this through as there are some fun and funny moments ahead.

1. Deb Deras, a loca from L.A., is a partner in a wonderful business called Synergy Unlimited. I met her other half , Adoley recently and she's an inspiring and powerful speaker. She and Deborah are hosting a workshop on time management that sounds different than any other seminar on the topic I"ve ever heard of. Here is a blurb from her:

How many of you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your time? Do you feel you are doing more but accomplishing less? Odunton & Deras, Results Coaches & Speakers of Synergy Unlimited have a seminar on Time Expansion unlike any other Time Management seminar because it works at the subconscious level to eradicate procrastination, perfectionism, tardiness, overwhelm etc. This seminar is valued at $297 however as a loca you get it complimentary as my gift to you as a faithful subscriber to this ezine. Space is extremely limited so call before September 7th to ensure your space at 1-888-886-6847. For more information go online at

2. I'm holding an informal open house this Wednesday at 4pm Pacific for anyone else interested in joining the Chispa coaching circle. I can squeeze three more bodies on the line. This is a special group for action oriented, creative women who have an idea they'd like to turn into something tangible. Whether it is starting a new business, writing a book, or sending out a big proposal, there might be some help for you here. If you are interested, please contact me by 12 noon Pacific Time on Wed 9/8.

3. There are about 5 openings left for the Crafty Chica Teleforum this Thursday 9/9 at 5pm Pacific. To sign up, go to

4. OK, now on to the personals! I wrote a few blogs ago about my upcoming meeting with Lorinda Morales of Bella Brava Botanicals. We met a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome. We are long lost sisters! First of all, we're both tall Chicanas, a semi-rarity. Second of all, we are both post-punk chicas with sordid pasts of punk shows and thrift store wardrobes. We had such a great time connecting and getting to know each other more personally. She is a special person and puts that special touch in her products. The night before we met, I had a dream about her corporate headquarters, with this beautiful fountain out front and big semi trucks delivering her goods across the land. I hope she finds that level of success because her products are wonderful. If you have a bath shop or could recommend her items to a store, I suggest you share her name with them. She's awesome. We took some photos and I'll post those later.

5. Today, I did the ultimate Disneyland no-brainer. My sister has a pass to Disneyland and we went and had a four hour extravaganza! It was a little too easy and I must share this info with all who plan on visiting Disneyland in Anaheim.

First of all, we parked at Downtown Disney. That's 5 hours of free parking with validation. I arrived at 11am and the place was deserted for a holiday. Want to avoid major lines? Enter the park through Downtown Disney at the Monorail entrance. Zero wait, zero people. Hop onto the monorail, get to Tomorrowland, grab a bite to eat and watch a groovy Buzz Lightyear floorshow. (Yes, it was a Citlalli-centric visit.)

Our goal was to get Citlalli on It's a Small World and the line was practically nada. Got on a boat (front row!) and had a blast. She loved it and the air conditioning in the ride gave us a relief from the 100 degree heat outside.

We bopped around the park some more, took in a few sights and then took the monorail back to Downtown Disney where we had ice creams at Haagen Das.

Citlalli is not at the ideal Disneyland age. She's too big to carry around, too small to enjoy most of the rides and too squirrelly to sit in a stroller. This was the perfect visit. We got back home, she fell fast asleep and here I am blogging away.

Free entrance, free parking, big fun.

I like this life!

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