Thursday, September 16, 2004

Release Your Inner Loca... and my 1st Audio Blog

I have been a bizzy little bee today putting the finishing touches on my new teleclass Release Your Inner Loca.

This last summer I offered three different classes: one on Loca Rituals, another on Finding Your Purpose as a Creative Woman, and another on what stops you (Unpacking Your Procrastination Toolbox).

After talking to participants, the overwhelming feedback I received was to make the classes LONGER, and possibly combine them all into one. I think that's a great idea and am happy to announce a ten week comprehensive adventure into creativity, Release Your Inner Loca.

My teleclasses are tons of fun, deepen the conversation around creativity and give you the space to step into your Loca Greatness!

If you sign up by October 1 then you get a huge discount. You can get more info here..

OK, now what is this Audio Blog bidniss and what's so cool about it? After this post you'll see a little place for you to click to hear an audio blog. I made a mini Loca Ritual for you to ponder, an invitation to sum up your creative greatness in a single sentence.

You can hear what I sound like and also a special guest in the background, my comadrita Citlalli.

Enjoy my first audio blog and tell me if you'd like more. You can email me... just be sure to write "Blog Comments" in the subject line.


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