Friday, September 10, 2004

Very Productive September

Last week Miss Amber and Miss Robin (my twin sister babysitters who alternate days with Citlalli) were out of town so I had to seriously readjust my work schedule.

Because it was the last week of the month, I didn't have clients scheduled so that was good. But I always have a ton of emails to deal with, an article to post, things like that. I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't get it all done and had alternate babysitter Miss Lupe in the bullpen in case an emergency fill-in was needed.

I awake each day between 5:30 and 6, which is normal now. (Unheard of a few years ago). I take 30 minutes for my SPAM time (Spirituality-Prayer-And-Meditation). Then I go to the computer, see how many Canadian Pharmaceutical ads I have, try to retrieve valuable messages that Spam Inspector trashed, and scan my schedule for things I better not space out on.

Something happened to me on that first day. I took a "how important is it" approach when looking at my to-do list. With no calls scheduled, I felt compelled to fill the time with random activities.

"Update your Quickbooks". OK, that took about 5 minutes.
"Send so and so this article." Hmmm.... another 5 minutes.

Things suddenly didn't seem super interesting or profitable at this point. Rather than create work to fill the time, I took the time off. Called my comadre Queta, invited her and her little guy to the park and made a day of it. Afther the heat of the day set in, we took the kids to a great taqueria where I had the best tacos: 1 birria, 1 carnitas. Big glass of horchata to wash it down, rice and beans for Citlalli.

Then a few days later, my friend Laurel invited us to this park that has water squirting out of the playground so the kids can get soaked. We met for breakfast and chowed down on eggs, bacon and french toast.

So why is this such a big deal? Well, the last time I had Citlalli in a restaurant, she ate all the butter packets, spilled jam everywhere and ran wild like the banshee that she is. I ruled out restaurants but my friends encouraged me. And like a charm, it worked.

OK, you say. Kid sits in a restaurant, eats her food, doesn't cause too much damage to the place. What's so special about that.

BECAUSE IF I HADN'T TAKEN A FREAKIN' DAY OFF I WOULD NEVER HAVE LEARNED THIS! Being able to participate in social rituals such as dining out used to be a big part of my life until this little dynamo of a kid entered the scene. With Citlalli, we've been sidelined so often that we became gun shy. Shut ins. Recluses.

AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED WITH MY BUSINESS WHILE I WAS OUT GALAVANTING AROUND? Well, everyday it seemed I had new clients calling me, people wanting to set up exploratory coaching sessions, women who found me on the web and wanted to connect, even a request to perform a WEDDING CEREMONY.

What would have happened had I stayed home and tried to force work?

I usually reserve Wednesdays for Citlalli and Fridays for family day. I expanded it, I felt better and my business did well.

My Inner Loca needed her batteries recharged and she got that.

What's good for the Inner Loca is good for all!

With all this insight, I forgot to mention how far out rockin' cool the first annual Crafty Chica Teleforum was. Kathy Cano Murillo is a powerhouse crafty diva with so much knowledge to share. Folks on the call were so lucky to connect with her. Those of you who missed it will be able to purchase a recording as soon as I get that in order.

Rock on Aztec Warrior Angels!

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