Thursday, October 07, 2004

Fall Fun with Nancy and Citlalli

Citlalli and I just went to a Pumpkin Patch with our eccentric/eclectic playgroup. She's not big on staying still for pictures but doesn't she look like a total Loca in that leopard vest! (A gift from Grandma Bunny)
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We are so lucky to know a great group of moms w/ toddlers. Each Wednesday we get together either at someone's house or at a park and just blow off steam. I look forward to these Wednesdays and so does Citlalli.

What's really cool about our group is that we're a bunch of Locas from so many persuasions. Dreadlocks, tattoos, body piercings, born again Christians, pagans... we cover the gamut, that's for sure. Where we all connect is a love for our kids, a strong belief in attachment parenting and free Wednesdays!

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