Friday, October 15, 2004

That's THE Reverend Doctor to you...

Back in the 70's, Rolling Stone Magazine classified ads ran a "Become A Legally Ordained Minister!" ad. For about $3.95 they'd set you up as a reverend. So I, in all my pre-pubescent wisdom, did it.

Reverend Nancy. It had a nice ring to it.

I had fantasies of performing wedding ceremonies, baptisms... you know, the usual rites of passage. Yes, weddings performed by an 11 year old. Nice idea.

Zoom ahead a few decades to the present day.

My sister calls me from work one day. Her coworker is getting married and the person who was going to perform the wedding flaked out.
"Gee, I think my sister can do that!", she told her friend.

So lo and behold, I "renewed" my credentials and was legally authorized to perform the blessed union.

We weren't able to get together for a rehearsal so we did it via conference call. (Modern technology helps in so many situations.)

The wedding was awesome. It was held on the beach near Malibu late in the afternoon. Everything was decorated with Hawaiian trimmings (the bride is Hawaiian) and the sun shone gloriously. It was absolutely beautiful.

The ceremony lasted maybe ten minutes but it was really cool. A few minutes before it started, four dolphins were spotted swimming in the waves. If that's not a blessing, I don't know what is. We stood in front of a gorgeous driftwood arch with Hawaiian greenery planted in the sand and tiki torches lining a makeshift aisle. The bride looked radiant and the groom was on cloud 9. His name was Lucky... how auspicious!

After the ceremony we ate Hawaiian food, then the bride performed a surprise bridal hula for Lucky. Her mom and aunties then got up and did a special hula for the crowd and everyone loved it. Everything was so much fun and we all had a great time.

So if you live in Southern California and are in need of a lady-of-the-cloth, look no further! I like this officiating business and can't wait to do another. I'll post a picture when I get one.

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