Friday, October 22, 2004

Way Cool Locas!

The teleprogram Release Your Inner Loca just began last week and it is so great. What a wide reaching group of women. I'm very pleased with the people on the call and even got requests from clients to offer an audio only version of the course. That has turned out beautifully because several Locas weren't able to join the live class. So they listen to the class recording, have access to the private list serve and get the gargantuan 65 page workbook.

I'm wondering if I should extend that offer of the audio only program to others beyond my client circle... well, if it's meant to be I'll put a link to it here and see what happens:
Audio Only Program: Release Your Inner Loca

Speaking of audio...
Nobody knows the trouble I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
After taking the Audacious Audio class with Rob Schultz, I got so fired up to become an "audiopreneur" as he calls it. Actually I wanted to just feel the waters and see what would be fun to do.

Here is my current assessment:
I like to make audio available to my peeps (that means you reading this, clients, wandering weblings and ezine subscribers) but I don't like all the technical stuff like editing and converting files from wav to mp3 then uploading and writing code and all that detail work. Sorta kills the wind in my sails.

But alas, I don't want to pay someone a crazy amount to do that, so I try doing it myself.

Let's see, how many hours did I spend trying to figure out streaming audio?
And how many hours did it take to understand wav and mp3 and converting and saving and blah blah blah? Would paying a guy $100 to record my call and do all the clean up work have been worth it?

On the bright side, I learned a great deal. So that's good.
On the down side, I spent a lot of time dealing with computer stuff.
But back on the bright side, I'm that much smarter now and actually have a handle on some of this stuff.

However... when I make my big infomercial and offer my Mega Mucho Extravaganza cd set with a workbook and card deck -not-(oh please, if one more person makes freakin' card decks- these have got to be some of the most inefficient uses of paper I've seen. yes, I'll pull a card, look at a dreamy collage and suddenly my day will be set), Comadre accessories and belt buckle... what else can I throw in there???
How bout a deck of cards!
Go away you nagging voice. Be gone.

OK, I'm going into inner dialog mode. And all I wanted to do was tell you about my audio. Did I say that I finally found success and actually figured out how to do an upload of the Web Muse Teleforum? Only took me 2 weeks. Yeah, I got a Masters Degree but obviously not in something with technical applications.

I did wake up the other night thinking about that infomercial, though. My hair looked great and I didn't even high five anyone on a stage or offer to make someone a millionaire.

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