Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dia de los Muertos 2004

It's Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This is an ancient Toltec and Aztec celebration that got a dose of Catholic tradition when the espanoles came in 1519.

If you'd like info on making a cool Day of the Dead shrine, contact my comadre Kathy Murillo over there at Crafty Chica.

Plus here's a Loca Ritual on Dia de los Muertos so you can honor your ancestors and loved ones in a healing way.

Usually I feel upbeat and jovial on Dia de los Muertos, but this year I feel somber.

I miss The Ramones. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee....two gone to cancer, one to a drug overdose.

I remember seeing the Ramones play a free concert in San Francisco when I was 14. After that I was hooked. So in honor of you, my original grungesters I say...
"1,2,3,4... 1,2,3,4!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and "Gabba Gabba Hey!"

Joe Strummer of the Clash. He helped form my consciousness.

Kurt Cobain. I shake my head in confusion, and I wish your soul peace, Kurt.

I feel jovial when I think of some of the wonderful people whose lives touched mine, such as my grandmother, my uncles and aunts, my cousin. I anchor my emotions to them when the sadness of dead musical heroes gets to be too much.

That is the bittersweet joy of Dia de los Muertos: laughing and crying, celebrating and longing.

Noxtin Nomecayotzin.
All My Relations.

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