Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fab and 40- My Top 10 List

Yeah baby, that's right.

I'm 40. Say it loud, I'm 40 and proud! December 14, 2004 was my big day.

I sometimes can't believe it. Aren't I still 21, studying for a final or getting into hijinks with some undesirable associates?

It's all where your head's at, they say.

Well, my head is feeling pretty good about it. I feel a sense of relief hitting 40. Like it's given me some credibility. "Well you know, she is 40 after all."

Will kids listen to me now? Do my two cents somehow count more?

I always enjoy hitting a new decade. It makes me look back and reflect on what I'm so glad to leave behind. Turning 30 was nice because I finally felt like I left adolescence. 40 is good because I can leave behind some ghastly mistakes of my last decade and embrace the growth that I found along the way.

No matter how you slice it there are many awesome things about taking another trip around the sun. Here are my top ten things I love about being 40:

1. People think I'm younger (yay!)
2. Sheryl Crow said "40's the new 20". Works for me!
3. I can get subscriptions to "mid life women's" magazines and not feel like I don't belong.
4. Somebody somewhere has got to think that what I have to say matters... right?
5. I'm still younger than my husband.
6. I'm still the "baby" of the family
7. People call me "ma'am" and that's cool.
8. I'm old school cool. No one can take that away! New Wave forever!
9. I actually saw the Dead Kennedys and the Ramones way back when. (That's for all you whipper snappers running around with your DK and Ramones t-shirts) I don't need no damn tshirt to prove it either!
10. I don't have to know it all, be it all, try it all. I'm good with who I am and what's around me.

So happy birthday to me and saludos to my fellow viejas!!!