Saturday, January 15, 2005

Latino Perspectives Magazine - Releasing your inner loca

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Latino Perspectives Magazine - Releasing your inner loca

I just recieved a copy of Latino Perspectives with a cool profile they did on me. Sometimes I wonder aloud to my coach Margaret (who is not Latina but WAY loca) if "Release Your Inner Loca" is too cryptic. I never thought this before someone stopped me and said, "Now doesn't loca mean crazy? Why would I want to be crazy?"

Valid point. And then I started to spin it around in my head, worrying that it's too cryptic, that I'm limiting myself to the small segment of the population who can click with this whole loca metaphor.

Then I read the Latino Perspectives article and it was so cool! Imagine this: no where in the entire article did anyone need to define key words like comadre and loca. Power to the loca people!

I'm totally open to finding phrases and metaphors that resonate with the type of dynamic, creative women I love working with. Loca has such a wild ring to it, but if you have any other suggestions just email them to me at

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