Friday, January 07, 2005

Pimp My Mom's Ride... Please!

My 73 year old mother has taken a fancy to the MTV show Pimp My Ride. It's sorta like HGTV with a hip-hop twist where ugly old dorky cars are turned into "pimped out rides".

OK, I have issues with the word "pimp" and all that it connotates. I didn't take all those Womens Studies classes for nothing. But it's not about them, it's about Bunny, my mom.

Bunny loves cleverness and I think she likes the way these "young men" as she calls them unleash their creativity on vehicles. Even if the show had a Liberace title and a theme song by the Lettermen she'd still dig it. That's just Bunny. She's also way into Queer Eye and this other reality show that was about some guy opening a hair salon in Beverly Hills. (I don't have cable so I just try to remember as much as I can). She's an eccentric in her own little way.

The other hysterical thing is how Bunny ENUNCIATES the phrase "Pimp My Ride". Heavy Emphasis on each letter, each sound, each syllable. Nothing garbled, nothing shortened. Well, I'll have to record her saying it so you can enjoy it. The lady is way funny without ever intending.

If any of you Ride Pimpers (now there's an interesting use of the word) are interested in cherrying out Bunny's old Ford Taurus, just let me know. She can roll up to the senior center with hydraulics bumpin her Ford up and down, The Carpenters blaring bass from the sound system.

I can just hear her say, "Now THAT'S the way to pimppp a ridddde."

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