Thursday, February 10, 2005

Localicious: Lechera

Have you ever wandered the grocery aisles on a weeknight, after the usual grocery store rush hour, maybe just a tad too long since your last meal, and you see something that you usually wouldn't buy but it just looks too good to pass up?

That happens to me when I go to the local Stater Brothers market, usually after a long day and not enough sleep. In my shopping daze, I spy something strangely alluring and an invisible force puts it in my cart. More likely than not it is something sweet, salty, fatty or otherwise unhealthy.

This week it was Lechera.

Lechera, for those of you who may not know, is the Mexican brand of sweetened condensed milk. Ingredients: milk, sugar. That's it folks, just good old sugar and milk, boiled down for a million years into this marvelously thick goo that is a cross between eating frosting, melted ice cream and a strange milk shake.

I wouldn't have noticed it had it not been for a recent taste of El Camino Real's fruit salad which comes with the mandatory 2 oz styrofoam cup of lechera.

When I saw it sitting so alone beneath packages of chocoate chips and cookie sprinkles, all that came to mind was a banana dipped into lechera then rolled into chopped walnuts. Ah, how easy and there were the walnuts just a few feet away. Bananas were already in the cart and away we went.

Once home, I opened the can and without much ceremony, proceeded to dip each and every bite of a banana first into the lechera, then into a bowl of chopped walnuts. Let me tell you, it was heaven for that moment. Not that it was the be-all end-all of desserts, but it was the manifestation of a craving. The satisfaction of saying "yes, I got what I wanted!".

Upon finishing, I took the remainder and put it in a little Tupperware, but alas the Lechera had suddenly expanded! The can looked so small, but for some reason when you open it it expands. So I had to fill 2 little tupperwares (practically identical size to the can, so 'splain me that you science people)and now that my craving is over, I have 2 containers of sweetened condensed glop in my fridge.

(Recipes for what to do w/ the rest will be gladly accepted!)

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