Friday, February 18, 2005

Teleforum Lemonade

Last night I interviewed Michele Pariza Wacek on a teleforum. Michele is amazing: funny, creative, totally great at what she does.

Then there's me: great at what I do, too. Coaching. Workshops. Inspiring.

Notice "flawlessly executing a teleforum" is not on the list.

OK, let's start at the start as I pour on the excuses.

On Wednesday I discovered that I was the victim of identify theft. Although everything is being resolved and I'm not out any money, it was a very stressful event. I thought I had it under control but the remnants of it left me scattered. I was missing details and rightfully a bit distracted.

On the day of the teleforum I was checking the bridgeline reservation and noticed that the PIN code I registered it under was different than the PIN code I sent out. So w/ you have to cancel the original conference and create a new one. I've done that before so no biggy, or so I thought. When I tried to recreate the conference it told me that the bridgeline was totally booked and I'd need to have an alternative number. So I had to send a last minute email and call everyone who signed up to tell them this.

OK, so we're on the call. I have my 2nd phone line set up in the kitchen recording the call. This has worked beautifully in the past. I mute the line, then we start recording. On the master controls for the bridgeline I thought I was putting everyone on mute but I actually LOCKED the conference. Long story short: Noise locked in, participants locked out.

About halfway through the call I pressed *5 , thinking I'm unmuting everyone and it says "conference call unlocked". Oops, I realize I locked callers out! But we went on and finished the teleforum which was extremely informative and well done.

After the call was over I had a phone message waiting for me from a participant who got locked out. She was not happy. So I called her back, apologized, offered to send her a CD and arranged a consult w/ her and Michele.

Then I listened to the recording while I was burning the CDs and I could hear kid noise, papers crumpling, Dora the Explorer, all kinds of stuff. I didn't even hear all that while I was doing the call, that's the odd part. BUT the conversation between Michele and I and the questions she answered for the participants (aka the Lucky Few) were incredible.

So here is the lemonade part. This is a recording with great content and extremely useful information. Michele talks extensively about pinpointing your target market and offered unique and easy ways to gather info. I can record an intro that humorously acknowledges the bit of background noise. Pretend we recorded it in a bustling, hip cafe, that's my idea.

The Comadre philosophy is to go with the flow. Make the best of each situation and don't live a life of regrets. I goofed, I admit, but hey let's get on with our lives! Kid noise and marketing happen in my house simultaneously, why not share that with the world?

We all have little distractions here and there that can keep us from moving and growing. I'm going to put perfectionism on the back steps for now and just share this audio with others, noise and all.

Wanna hear it? This link will take you to a streaming audio of the conversation.

Just to let you know, we'll be redoing the call on March 3 at 6pm Pacific. To sign up go here.

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