Monday, March 21, 2005

Chispa Springing Forward

Today is the first day of Spring and I'm so glad! It's the time of year when locas get energized and emerge from their winter hibernation states. Of course a few of you have gotten a headstart and are already rolling out creative ideas galore. Most notably, the Wednesday pm Chispa group.

These women know not when to stop creating! Honestly, the momentum is unbelievable. Dana, our handbag designer, just emailed everyone a photo of a bag she made from vintage floral fabric and leather. It is amazing and as soon as she tells me "go", I'm promoting her like mad on this blog and all over my website. She's so gifted and also has an amazing knack for coming up with slogans. Our joke is that her website should be called "" (make sure you say "dot com" to enjoy the rhyme)

Then, there is Suzanne, creator of amazing pillowcase stories and dreamscapes. She's been talking about this idea for so long, but with the amazing strength of Chispa power behind her, she has managed to not only produce cool pillow cases w/ great stories, but has also done it on organic cotton and natural inks. She's gotten the best of both worlds and has learned that staying true to your dream is possible! Here is a link to her goods:

OK, then there is Linda, la Loca de San Diego. Linda is on a quest to free the Feisty Little Girl within. We all have one inside of us, and the sooner you get to know her the better. Linda is materializing this FLG into all sorts of things. My crystal ball sees retreats, a book, fun games and FLG accessories. Linda is also hooked up with Jill Badonsky's creativity coaching class so hooray for more creativity coaches in the world. That is one more ray of locura to make the world a safer, more loca place.

Then there are our Jersey girls, Ruth and Carol. Actually Dana is a Jersey girl too so we actually have a Jersey threesome.

Ruth has been a Chispa since May of 2004 and from the kernal of an idea, she now has a production company called Chispa Productions (coincidence with the name?), is writing a book called the Bilingual Soul and is a full fledged magazine writer featured in the premiere issue of Cuerpo. We jokingly call her the "underachiever". Ruth is also an enthusiastic supporter of Comadre Coaching, sending just about everyone she knows over to me to talk about creative dreams.

Last but not least we have Jersey Girl numero tres, Carol. Carol is the writer and editor of a publication for women 40+. Let me qualify this: FUN, COOL women over 40. The kind of women who approach life with gusto and confidence. Her last issue was on fitness and it was great, but the next issue is on S*E*X* so we're all hot and heavy to see that one. Carol's background is in health and wellness writing and she's written for some major publications and magazines. Her gift is bringing a holistic touch to topics that otherwise could be technical and clinical. To check it out, send Carol an email at and ask for newsletter info.

Does this fill you with the slight urge to turn an idea into something big? To begin making the steps to your cooler than cool, more loca than loca ideal life?

Drop me a line, I live for this stuff!

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