Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fame is nice... fortune soon to follow?

My family and friends joke with me that I'm going to become too famous to associate with them. I reassure them that I'll take fortune over fame anytime, especially when I'm paying the household bills! (I'm sure that even millionaires fret over that one, too).

But you just can't have cool media spots without feeling like more good things are coming your way. Here are a couple of great connections made in recent weeks:

If you're in or around Orange County, CA, then check me out on The Mix, a fun local show highlighting women's interest stories. Think "The View, OC style". I had a great time chatting with Bridget Kelly and Leslie Leyton, the two talented hosts. Look for me on the episode "Life Coaches".

The other guest was image coach Kay Hunter. Wow! Imagine this: I'm showing up in my jean jacket and turtle earrings, feeling all loca and funky, and this gorgeous Sharon Stone type woman enters in a creamy suit with velvet and awesome jewelry. Yikes, I better go powder my nose so I don't feel so less than, I said to myself. But in viewing the show, we both look great, come across as experts in our fields, and my jean jacket looked great!

The interview came right as I was getting over laryingitis and this cruddy eye thing that Citlalli gave me, but my earthly vessel got me there without a voice crack or weeping ojito.

And if you just can't get enuf of The OC, wait til you see Citlalli and I in the May issue of Orange Coast Magazine. Orange Coast is one of those magazines that features top notch restaurant reviews (I seriously doubt they'll ever get around to reviewing my hangouts like El Camino Real or Taqueria de Anda), designer duds, etc.

They interviewed me as part of a people pictorial on moms in Orange County. I shared some major revelations that motherhood has brought me and then last week the photographer and art director came to my house to photograph myself and an extremely reluctant 2 year old who shall remain nameless.

OK, you already know her name. Dang, why can't this kid smile for a camera? I go and meet my hair stylist that morning at 8:45am (and she is not into these early morning appts, so thanks a million Kathy!), then I pick up Citlalli and take her to this kiddie beauty parlor where she proceeds to squirm and not allow the nice hair dresser lady to put cute little doodads in her hair.

We get home at 10:45am, I touch up my makeup, try to get Citlalli changed and boom, right on the nose the crew arrived at 11am. When they arrive, I have this feisty toddler (who is half nekkid, btw) trying to pull out her twirly hair rows and flowers. "I'll be right with you!"

We went outside to a grassy area and shot pics for about 20 minutes. The photographer ended up by telling me "I'm sure we have a good one in here."

That's what photographers say when they're trying to be nice! What he really wanted to say was "Lady, why can't your kid look at the camera and smile for once?" Her dad hates getting his picture taken , so maybe it's some Yaqui trait.

Well, I know that PhotoShop can do lots of helpful things like open eyes and morph good photos w/ bad, so I'm not worried. Can't wait to see the issue to find out if we're going to be postage stamp size blur or quarter page splendor.

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