Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big Picture Thinkers Take Heed!

You know who you are... the visionaries, the dreamers, and the big picture thinkers. You are the ones who create the things we all love but drive people crazy who don't understand your work style.

I'm collecting your stories via a quick survey. On May 27 I'll hold a drawing and select 5 participants to receive free coaching. Take a moment to answer the questions and maybe I'll help you get clear on your big ideas! If you know someone who fits this description, forward this to them.

Big Picture Thinker Survey

OK, now for my American Idol report.

I'm devastated.

Yes, I never had Constantine as the ultimate winner, but please America... why are Scott and Anthony still there?

Don't you know that Scott is a violent criminal? Stop the madness! This is not right.

Scott and Anthony are horrible week after week and they stay. People like Nadia, Anwar, and Constantine mix it up and show maturity and versatility and they're booted.

What organized crime syndicate is behind the voting? Is Simon jealous and has rigged the whole thing?

OK, I must say this: I'm not going to cry and pout like Paula Abdul did over Constantine. Girl, there are better ways to catch a younger man! Get a hold of yourself! I just liked his persona and the way he played the rocker babe archetype.

I've ranted and now I can rest. Go take the survey and let's put this American Idol fiasco behind us.

If Bo or Carrie don't win, then I don't know what I'll do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why American Idol Needs Me (and you can benefit too!)

My last post shared some thougths on this season's American Idol contestants. Last year I started thinking about some similar feedback that keeps coming up, and I've decided to create a solution.

If you know any AI contestants, wannabe contestants, or high powered Producers with the show, please forward this message along.

Overwhelmingly we hear the judges say, "You need to find your style."

We don't usually notice someone's style until we see them doing something that is extremely NOT their style. Like when Carrie Underwood sang a Pat Benatar song and donned this rocker chic look. She's the all-American girl with a country flair and it didn't work. (Dang, I'm sounding like Randy Jackson here!)

So Idol contestants and those of you who yearn to sing in front of millions, here are my tips for honing your personal style:

1. Who does your singing and style remind people of?Ask around. Gather a big list, then narrow it down to 3 or 4.

2. List in hand, start brainstorming words that describe each one of those people on your list. For example, someone might say that you remind them of Cyndy Lauper. What are some adjectives that describe her? Quirky, witty, outrageous,punk, and offbeat come to mind.

3. Then go on to the next person. Let's say it's Gwen Stefani. Beautiful, sexy, fit, 30's movie idol, ska, versatile. How about Lauren Hill? Earthy, conscious, dedicated, deep.

4. Get the picture? Keep going down the list and take all those words and narrow them down even further to the ten that really speak to you. Words that resonate in your heart and speak of who you are.

5. You now have a list of words that describe you. Perhaps you may need to tweak them a bit, but they will help you in your selection of material, outfits, style.

6. Understand that you aren't all or nothing. You can be traditional, sexy, offbeat, and soulful. You can blend all these into your own unique package. And THAT'S the magic of knowing who you are.

American Idol are you listening? Up and coming rockers and poppers and punkers take heed. The council has spoken.

Oh and hurry up and get a domain name with your name before someone else does and charges you up the wazoo for it.

Flash! News alert!
My comadre Catherine from Hawaii is following this blog and just sent me her thoughts on American Idol. For her safety, I have edited out her likes and dislikes of Reality TV and the terms she uses to describe fans and others.

"I totally agree with your assessment of all the contestants this year and I was sooooooo hoping that America would ‘get’ Nadia – I’m sorry to see her bad self go.

So – who’s the winner according to Nancita and Citllali? Now that Nadia’s gone I’ll have to go for Constantine or Anwar. Let the guys with hair win".

Catherine A. Bruns
Women's Success Coach
Balanced Life Coaching

(808) 263-1244

Thursday, April 14, 2005

American Idol: My Secret Vice

OK, I admit it. I've been an American Idol follower since season 2. Season one I was just too full of myself to even THINK about watching it. I found other things to do, like have a life.

Season 2 was a different story. I had a baby now. The rocking chair in the livingroom, the remote control, the baby... it all fit so nicely. It was so effortless.

I remember calling my mom and telling her to watch the show that season because I knew that she'd dig Clay Aiken. He's what we call "her kind of singer".

I watched it all last season, rooting tirelessly for LaToya London, first of all because she had an awesome voice and second because she was from Oaktown! Yeah East Bay! (can you tell I'm an East Bay girl?)

Those first two seasons of fanhood I kept pretty quiet about it. What would my extremely cool friends think? My sister thought the show was stupid, my best friends never watched it... I was so alone. Yet there I sat, week after week taking it all in. My husband gave me a hard time each time I put it on, calling it "Idol Worship" and "Babylonian Idol". Hmph. What does he know?

So now it's season 4. That little baby girl is now 2 1/2, and she knows what quality TV is all about. She senses Tuesday night at 8pm has arrived and starts chanting "' merican ido, 'merican ido". She even cried the other night when the show was over. "Merican Ido, don't go! Come back 'merican ido!"

So that's that. I'm out of the closet. I have lots of thoughts on this year's finalists.

Nadia, hate to see you go. You were too artsy and intelligent. They just didn't get your intention.

Constantine, you run the risk of becoming a 21st century David Coverdale. Please be careful with how you make love to the camera.

Bo and Carrie, I think the two of you would make a great couple. The Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash for a new generation.

Anwar,I love your hair. Did you know that my client's kid goes to the school where you teach? That practically makes you and I family.

Scott and Anthony, please go away. Really, Scott. You scare me and my child.

Vonzelle, I just don't get you. Sorry, I tried. I think you need to open up a dinner theater and feature you and only you as the show.

I'll leave my thoughts on Ryan, Paula (get into rehab, girl!), Simon, and Randy for another post. In the meantime, let's cross our fingers that someone will sing some Nirvana or Guns and Roses.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Unitarian Jihad

We all need a good laugh right about now, don't we?

After accidentally stumbling upon the dangerous Unitarian Jihad movement, I was soon hurried away to a secret cell and given a new name.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Holy Whip of Non-Dualism. What's yours?

I wonder if I can get that on my drivers license?