Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big Picture Thinkers Take Heed!

You know who you are... the visionaries, the dreamers, and the big picture thinkers. You are the ones who create the things we all love but drive people crazy who don't understand your work style.

I'm collecting your stories via a quick survey. On May 27 I'll hold a drawing and select 5 participants to receive free coaching. Take a moment to answer the questions and maybe I'll help you get clear on your big ideas! If you know someone who fits this description, forward this to them.

Big Picture Thinker Survey

OK, now for my American Idol report.

I'm devastated.

Yes, I never had Constantine as the ultimate winner, but please America... why are Scott and Anthony still there?

Don't you know that Scott is a violent criminal? Stop the madness! This is not right.

Scott and Anthony are horrible week after week and they stay. People like Nadia, Anwar, and Constantine mix it up and show maturity and versatility and they're booted.

What organized crime syndicate is behind the voting? Is Simon jealous and has rigged the whole thing?

OK, I must say this: I'm not going to cry and pout like Paula Abdul did over Constantine. Girl, there are better ways to catch a younger man! Get a hold of yourself! I just liked his persona and the way he played the rocker babe archetype.

I've ranted and now I can rest. Go take the survey and let's put this American Idol fiasco behind us.

If Bo or Carrie don't win, then I don't know what I'll do.

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