Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Entrepreneurial Activism, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Part 1 shared a little with you about my dive into entrepreneurship and the discovery I made along the line that being an entrepreneur can have as much impact as clear, focused activism.

Getting to this point required a lot of soul searching and the shattering of some limiting beliefs.

Here is some of the baggage I carried around about business owners:

1. They're all greedy
2. They oppress workers.
3. All they want to do is turn a buck.
4. They're all conservative and close minded
5. They're seriously obsessed and don't have lives.

Where did I get most of this? I think part of it stemmed from issues I carry over from my youth.

I caricaturized certain traits as a business owner and slapped them on the faces of anyone who crossed my path.
Chamber of Commerce? Get outta my way.
Rotary? Yeah, right.

Oh, I had attitude all right.

My issues covered it all like a cozy blanket. I never had to think about the issue, I knew what I knew which is summarized above in points 1-5.

Then I had a child, saw that my job was not making me happy, and scurried to find something, anything that would help me survive.

Like become a business owner?????????

more to be revealed...

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