Thursday, May 26, 2005

Entrepreneurial Activism, Part 4: Profile of Carla Blazek

The entrepreneurial activist is someone who can create a livelihood for herself that not only enriches her life, but adds goodness and positivity to the world. Her goods and services have an intention behind them, giving them that magic spark that makes dreams come true.

Last night our Chispa coaching circle had a special guest. Carla Blazek of joined us to share her path to success.

A few years back, Carla was working for Microsoft. As she described it, to work at MS you must be TYPE A to the max. Not knowing any other life, she endured meetings with difficult people and excruciating hours. For relaxation, she took a candle making class.

Suddenly Carla found that she loved to make candles. People loved what she made and a new business was born. Eventually, she made the leap to quit her well paying job and become an artesan fulltime. Carla is a very spiritual person and relied heavily on her intuition and trust in the Universe that all would work out.

A huge coup was getting her products in the hands of Oprah Winfrey. Who wouldn't want Oprah as a raving fan of your work? Turns out someone who knew someone who knew Oprah... well, long story short Carla made up special candle sets for Oprah's inner circle clique called The Spa Girls, and the rest is history. Her products were included in a goody bag for O's Your Best Life Yet tour and after that things exploded.

So do you think that it's a coincidence that someone who was chained by the shackles of corporate America handed it all over to faith, did what she loved, and now is enjoying crazy huge success?

Carla's business planning has a spiritual bent to it. She follows intuition. She acts on instincts. She listens to people.

It was amazing hearing her speak to a group of blossoming entrepreneurs who share many of her same values. Although her success can be measured in dollars and cents, more so it can be measured in that feeling she has when she speaks of her work.

This woman LOVES her life, LOVES what she does, and is out to put goodness in the world. She hangs onto every fan letter, every touching story and revisits those when feeling tempted by the Trickster's negative messages.

To hear her speak is a treat. She's animated, enthusiastic, and did I already say positive and inspiring a zillion times already? When Carla sneak-peeked us with dreams of doing retreats and other things down the road, we all could see that as clearly as we see her current line.

Go visit her website often. She changes it every week and you can see how much fun she's having with her work. Thank you Carla!

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