Tuesday, May 31, 2005

On the Road: Don't Mess With Me

My last post gave a few hints of my "don't mess with me" attitude when I travel.

I'm not a lackey road warrior, I'm a seasoned professional. In 1999, I put about 50,000 miles on the Toyota Corolla wagon going here there and everywhere. The Western US felt our tire tracks from San Bernadino to Boise, Idaho.

The understanding, relaxed life coach who compassionately encourages women to reach for their dreams transforms into this tough as nails drill sargeant when behind the wheel of a car and faced with miles and miles of endless highways.

I'm driving my sister nuts.

To keep her to her word that she'd do all the driving in exchange for me helping move my niece back home, I parked myself in the passenger seat expecting her to perform as I would.

We're in the Sierra Nevada foothills trying to find Nevada City from Grass Valley on unnamed backroads.

"OK", my sister asks, "which way?

"What's your gut tell you?", I retort.

"Which way", she repeats with an annoyed tone.

"You're the driver, use your instinct. You need to hone your navigational skills. Now's a good time to start."

"Too old. Won't change", she threw back with attitude. All she needed was a Camel no filter dangling a 2 inch ash.

We approached a crossroads. She looked at me.

"Figure it out".

"F***", and she swirved left.

Next stop, Grass Valley.

OK, so we made a complete circle but she needed to learn!

To be a team member on the Loca Road Show, you must have the following skills
1. An internal compass and basic skills in figuring out north, south, east, and west
2. The ability to read a map and FOLD IT BACK properly
3. Anticipate the driver's needs and act accordingly
4. Gas money, and lots of it
5. And now, with our new sidekick, Team Loca members must have the ability to entertain and tolerate toddlers.



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