Thursday, May 05, 2005

You know that deep down inside all I want to do is write about Amerian Idol, but we must wait til dessert.

If I go right into it, the thrill will be gone... alas.

Yes, we'll get to AI...

But let's talk other stuff first:

Today I had a great time moderating a mother/daughter panel discussion at the National Hispanic Business Womens Association. I realized that we women have no trouble discussing the personal and the professional. To rephrase the old feminist slogan, the personal is the professional. Would a panel of successful men include discussions on kids and family? I think not.

This isn't anything new, but we as women are bringing the reality of the many facets of life out to the forefront. You don't have to pretend you're some neutered tron when you're in a professional situation, as today's panel proved. Rock on, mujeres.

Yesterday the Chispa coaching circle hit a major discovery. Many of our conversations revolve around keeping the momentum going. We revisit that topic all the time. However, yesterday we connected the dots between setting personal boundaries and momentum.

When we don't set boundaries to protect our needs, then we lose momentum. For instance, if being in balance is extremely important to you then you need to know what to say yes to and what to say no to in order for that to flourish in your life. Not flourishing= resentment, guilt, inner critic= loss of momentum. Do the math.

There is a God!
OK, now for my American Idol report.

Like so many of you, I'm joyous and relieved that Scott has left American Idol. I must say that his singing and performing improved greatly in the last weeks, and even his confidence soared, but still... the guy isn't THAT good. He was the butt of a cruel joke by the highly dysfunctional souls at Vote for the Worst but I won't feel sorry for him. Remember: he has a criminal record for assaulting a woman. I have a zero tolerance policy for misogynists!

But here's a twist... my man Bo has a record for some possession. Seems like Mr. Bice likes to partake in the ganja from time to time (oh no, I'm shocked!) and employed the use of a white Colombian powder.

Now know this about me: I'm what they call "on the good red road" which means that I don't drink or do drugs and try to be of service to my community. But that doesn't mean I have to hate others who *responsibly* use those things. I know addicts and alcoholics from a mile away and Bo doesn't strike me as the type. It would already be showing in his face and body if he were a substance abuser.

So Bo, you are absolved. Go burn a fat one right now if that will keep you going.

Scott, you are not absolved and need to find an understanding therapist.

That's the report, now we're down to 4!

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