Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Chicas Rule: ABLA and Living in Balance

Women without toddlers can get so much more done than I can!

Example Numero Uno: ABLA Website is aLive!!!
My comadre, Maria Sanchez (of Sandia Fria fame) just launched a new website with Art By Latina Artists (ABLA). (She has a little one about to start kindergarten, so maybe I can be as productive as she in 2 years. )

ABLA is an awesome website, open like a freshly tilled field waiting for the new planting season. Maria is looking for poetas, artistas, blogistas y mas to fill her wonderful new site. Check it out en este momento. www.artbylatinaartists.com

Example Numero Dos: Coach Balance

Coach Catherine Bruns Teleclasses and Coaching Circles
Catherine and I are best coach buddies. She is great at what she does and I encourage women everywhere to get into the aloha spirit by checking out one of her classes or groups. She has a strong sense of intuition, is highly creative, and so calming!

I love her and know you will too. We're both coaches but never feel in competition with each other, knowing that there are enough clients out there to keep us both happy and fed.
Get more info at www.CoachBalance.com


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