Friday, June 10, 2005


I love to trade services with other people. I've had help with marketing, planning, organizing, painting, childcare, feng shui, astrology, wardrobe, home decor, web design... you name it, I've traded for it.

I must be in a "pay it forward" mode, because several trades over the past few months all resulted in me receiving some amazing services this week. It doesn't seem like a lot when you're adding appointments to your calendar, but this week was a doozy. I'm still a little light headed thinking of it all.

On Tuesday I had an astrology consultation about my business. I did some audio recording for an astologer and she in turn gave me a reading. I'm happy to say that Comadre Coaching was born under a very good sign and according to the stars has enormous growth potential. But before I start planning my life of luxury, I need to... CLEAN MY OFFICE. There is a non-descript pile of homeless items sitting in a corner, some papers that have minds of their own, and a desk that needs replacing which are potentially costing me clients and money. What motivation! So I immediately set out to deal with the problem and I'm committing 10 minutes a day to facing the paper demon (which isn't THAT bad but enough that I'm not satisfied with it.)

On Wednesday, I utilized the services of an image consultant who I did some work for. This one was hard because she put me face to face with some of my clothes and asked me pointed questions like, "Does this convey that you're credible and accomplished?"
"Well... I think so..."
My voice suddenly got very small.
She picked up all my favorites: my faded jeans, my jean jacket, my t-shirts, my long beaded earrings and shook her head disapprovingly.

I'm still sorting this one out in my head. I first had to come up with a list of adjectives that described myself and how I want to be perceived. Credible and accomplished were on the list. So really she was just mirroring what I'd already said, but damn it was hard. This morning I woke up with the brilliant idea to change my adjectives! Then I could keep my clothes, not face the fact that I like the same clothes as my teengage nieces and go on with my life.

Well, after the mental exhaustion of that, I still had one more trade to cash in on that very evening. But what a welcome remedy from the intense feedback I'd incurred with my other 2 trades.

That evening I attended my first class on energy healing. It was great. We did some meditation and visualization and focused on grounding ourselves.
"When you bump into things a lot, or cut yourself, or drop things, then that's a sign you're not grounded."
Did she know that I almost sliced my finger off with a knife earlier that day? I was feeling very ungrounded for sure, worrying so about my poor jean jacket and long earrings.
We spent a few hours doing great awareness exercises, and my favorite part of the evening was learning how to ground my car, my computer, and any other gizmos.

Thursday, I hosted a great teleforum with Anita Larson (The Web Muse) and before our call I grounded the phone, the recording equipment, myself, the house... pretty much anything in my path. Listening back on the call, it was incredible with THE BEST SOUND QUALITY YET!

Woo hoo.

So my business is destined to get bigger and better, my wardrobe will help convey groovy things about myself, I'm grounded and I have a new kickass audio product.

Not bad for a tough week!

American Idol Epilogue
Time has gone by and I never really wrapped up my whole spiel on American Idol.

I got hit by Bo Fever, that's for sure. I was just happy that a long haired rocker was going to turn pop music on its ear. But alas, Bo lost to Carrie, but was it a loss?

If Bo had won, he'd be in a horrible contract with some big company who would make him get all syrupy and yucky. That's perfect for Carrie because she's sweet and pure and I think a syrupy contract would work for her. So it all works out.

And I also think that Bo will be able to freely wear a pot leaf tshirt for a magazine cover! He's just the quintessential stoner that we all knew in high school.

Note: Just to let the world know, my mother is very disappointed that I condone Bo's pot smoking. As I wrote a few posts back, I myself do not partake but for some reason I like it that Bo does. I dunno know why, it's just nostalgia I think.

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