Monday, June 06, 2005

World Domination Audio

I shall rule the world someday! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

OK, maybe not ALL of the world but I'm having a great time creating the Comadre Coaching Teleforum Series.

I have attended teleforums for a few years now and some I loved, others I hated. The ones I loved provided great information, pointed me to resources, and left me with exciting questions to ask.

The ones I HATED were slick sales pitches, partial information to bait and hook me, and boring presenters.

In the fall of 2004, I hosted my first teleforum with comadre Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica. Listening back to it, I heard myself and liked the show! It moved smoothly, quickly, was engaging and full of great information. There were no hard sell pitches, no limited time pressure scams. Just info, with plenty of references for those who wanted to get in touch with either Kathy or myself.

For my next teleforum, I contacted someone to record it for me. He wanted $100 to record a conversation and burn it to CD.

$100? I could buy a recorder for that amount and do it myself!

So I bought myself a handy-dandy digital recorder and the rest is history.

It is SO pinche easy to do and if you are paying that kind of money, you're paying too much in my opinion. (Unless, of course, you're super rich and successful and can already afford a maid, and an assistant, and a personal groomer, etc)

Then I recently spoke about this with my first ever coach, Laura Young, and she invited me to guest speak to her coaching group on Monday June 13. Seems like I have devised a success formula that uses teleforums to build a platform for aspiring writers, coaches, and speakers.

I made up a tips sheet that covers things from marketing to equipment to quality.

I will be straight up with you: If you want to learn all about creating a successful teleforum series like I have, use it to leverage your name and visibility, and to create a cool little product for promotion or sale, then this call will give you a solid overview.

However, what I discovered in gathering the materials is that I would need at least 2 classes to teach the whole process. So a teleclass is born!

In July, I'll offer a 2 part teleclass so you too can be a part of world domination audio. If you're a coach, an independent professional, a writer, a speaker, or someone who would like a cool audio component to add to your toolkit, then you will love this.

I'll teach you how to create a succesful teleforum from soup to nuts. Marketing, selecting partners, recording, distributing, promoting.

As of this writing I don't have a sign up page, but if this sounds like fun, and you can see the ease at which this can boost your visibility, then simply fill out an info form on my contact page.

Let me know
1. if you'll be at the overview teleclass Monday June 13 at 12noon ET, 9am PT
2. If you're interested in the 2 part teleclass starting in July

CONTACT ME to set it up. I'll send you the call in info, etc after you drop me a line.

And then there's the podcast that is in the works...
Oh, this is so much fun!

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