Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Dad

I had posted last week updating people on my dad's surgery, but I just deleted that post, the first time I've ever done that. It didn't seem the right thing to have.

On July 8 my dad passed away.

I'm going to have to return to this topic and expand upon how we honored him, but I want to let people know that creativity still comes alive while grieving.

My dad was an avid sports fan and loved horse racing. So in honor of him, we designed the funeral program to look like a racing form. Each horse's name on the racing form was based on something that had to do with him. It was an inside joke that everyone present got.

I will get more out on this topic but right now I need rest. It's been nonstop since I got back to the Bay Area to help my family through all this.

My dad was a wonderful man and i miss him so much. He taught me everything I know about being independent and going after what I want. We used to butt heads a lot, but they say you always butt heads w/ those you resemble most. As we both got older, a friendship grew and mutual respect. He was one of my biggest supporters to the day he died.

Rest in peace dad. I love you.

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