Thursday, September 29, 2005

Garage Band Girl

My brother was meandering through our Mom's garage and stumbled upon this gem of a school photo.

It was the 70's and it appears as if my enormous collar is going to consume me. Help, get the jaws of life!

The girl in that photo would be cringing to know her pic was published for the world to see, but the woman she grew into thinks it's cool. My how a few decades can build the confidence level!

Oh, and by the way it IS a decoupage by Auntie Tallo. There was no room for tole painted daisies but I think she got into that a few years later.

Speaking of cool, the latest issue of Carol Weeg's Finding Our Way just hit the newsstands and it is a history making edition! Carol invited her first ever guest writer (yours truly) to pen a few words on creativity. You can also meet a couple of Chispas Linda Bannan and Ruth Kunstadter and get inspired by their energy and creative spark.

Finding Our Way is a great publication for witty, active women over 40 who don't look, act, or think "middle aged". It's all how you feel inside as Carol reminds us. I suggest you check it out and get on her list. I look forward to each issue and can't wait til the next!

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