Friday, October 28, 2005

Going on Univision TV at 5am is sorta like...

... dancing backwards and in high heels, a la Ginger Rogers.

I was invited to appear again on Univision's early morning show, Primera Edicion. I love going on this show! Coco and Gabi (the cohosts) are so wonderful and they always greet me with big smiles and besitos on the cheek.

This time I spoke on time management, offering 5 simple that people can start using today. I even got a phone call from a woman who saw the show and poured her heart out to me. Ay pobrecita, but a visit to Staples should start her on the right path.

OK, so why the Ginger Rogers analogy?

Primera Edicion comes on at 5am. So not only do I have to get up crazy early (try 2:45 am), take a shower, do studio strength make up and hair, dress up, drive 45 minutes to L.A., but I have to do the show in Spanish!

I can barely speak English at 5am, let alone Spanish, but for whatever reason the adrenaline kicks in and away I go, rattling off like it's nobody's business. The segment is quick, I'm back on the road and this time made it back to my place by 6:15am.

Paco was still asleep, Citlalli was asleep, and I was the early morning glamour girl. The night before I couldn't sleep (more on that later), so I crawled back into bed until Citlalli woke me up close to 7. Then it was business as usual Wednesday, hitting a playdate with my Mama Tribe.

I was so glad to get to a park date because the week before Citlalli had a touch of the stomach flu. Lucky us, it hit just as I picked her up from preschool. One second she's happily chowing down on Cheerios in the back seat, next second it's projectile vomiting.
Oh yeah, vomiting.
In the car.
Damage report: Car seat, the back of the driver's seat, the upholstery... barf central. Poor little Citlalli had it all over her clothes, yuck! Repeated every hour til 10 that night... oh I won't go so into details but it has played into my tiredness lately.
But she's the comeback kid. I don't know anyone who can barf one minute and then want to run around and play the next. Resilient little girl!
By the way, her 3rd birthday is next week (November 5).
Some final thoughts and then I'll shut up:
I haven't been sleeping well lately. With the sick child and all, I feel wrung out. So I took an herbal sleep aid and I swear it made me more hyper. Send good sleepy vibes my way cuz I need them!
OK, I needed to whine and now I did that. Ahhh, feels better already.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Verbal Collage

The post before this one (actually after this one since you have to scroll down to see the past on this blog) talked about the Indigenous Women's Conference I just attended. While I was there, I grabbed a pen and started jotting down the sights around me. Random phrases to describe these beautiful women poured out of me and I updated the list as the day progressed. To see punk rock girls with traditional rebozos and Vans... well, that to me is part of our beauty. (My comadre Erin just told me that I delight in oddities, so that helps me understand my fascination with anomolies).

Sidebar: a rebozo is a traditional shawl, long and rectangular in shape. They can be used for a variety of purposes including baby carrying, keeping warm, lasssooing lovers, to name a few.

We were all invited to share a gift with everyone there and I simply read my verbal collage.

Now suddenly its a poem and people want to hear it again! Isn't that funny? I think so. I guess cuz I wasn't trying to write a poem.

So without any further ado, here is my verbal collage and you can try to imagine the beauty of our indigenous women. (Frida wasn't really there but doesn't she do rebozos well?)

Verbal Collage of the 1st Annual Indigenous Women's Conference

Click the arrow to listen

Long black braids, Harley t-shirt
Short dark pigtails and rebozo
Rebozos de todos colores
Braids of every length
Flacas, delgadas, llenas,
Rebozo, beaded earrings, Vans
Tattoos, noserings
Ladies with perms
Colores, colores, y mas colores
Strong mujeres

May you wrap yourselves up in rebozos woven of strength and hope.


Aho, All my relations.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Strong Circle of Women

This weekend I attended an event that spoke to my DNA and rattled my consciousness.

The 1st Annual Indigenous Women's Conference organized by Alianza Indigena took place Friday Oct 14 and Saturday Oct 15. It was filled with women of all tribal affiliations, from all four directions, and at least 7 languages.

When I say Indigenous Women, by the way, I refer to women descended from the original peoples of the Americas. Back in graduate school I was graded down on a paper for not being specific enough on that point but the prof had a bit of an agenda. I'll write about that some other time.

Lupe Lopez and her amazing cohorts en el movimiento indigena organized this conference to address the need among indigenous women to share cultural capital, such as our traditional medicines, rights, and ceremonies.

From Rocky Rodriguez, Friday night's fiery keynote speaker, to Saturday's panels of tradtional healers, it was powerful through and through. We heard the wisdoms from a Chumash healer, a Mexican sovadora (massage healer), and a Pai Pai midwife from Baja California. We met Yaqui, Raramuri, and Mixteco women involved in keeping their cultures alive through traditional arts and culture.

We stood and cheered them, cried at their stories, and related as only a strong circle of women could. EVERY single woman in attendance there was of indigenous roots, proudly showing her tribal affiliation on her nametag, even if her tribe is one that the US Govt doesn't recognize.

Women offered songs, traded, swapped cell phone numbers (hey, we're in the modern age too!) We talked about balancing the old ways with life in the modern world, how to stay strong, how to stand up for ourselves, how to work for peace and healing.

I was honored to be asked to faciliate the closing ceremony and we did a huge gratitude circle. It was beautiful.

Back when I posted about my Nahuatl language class, I encouraged people to seek out their own indigenous roots. We all can claim back to a tribe of some sort, people who had a close connection to Mother Earth. Maybe you don't know the name of it, maybe you need to go back centuries to find them, but they're there. And they have a message for you that as Rocky said, they dreamed for you to be here in this day and in this time to carry out a special job of healing the world.

Aho- All my relations.

Friday, October 07, 2005

New! Comadre Coaching Multimedia Extravaganza

FINALLY I have Quicktime movie versions of some recent TV appearances.

These are going to be up on my website soon (maybe they already are by the time you read this) so people can see and hear the Comadre Coaching message to release your Inner Loca!

Get your Inner Loca some popcorn or chicharrones and rock out as I talk about the creative flow, the hidden secret of creativity, and stress reduction. (The stress reduction piece is in Spanish but it's really good. If you want a translation of my 5 points I'll be happy to send them to you.)

Note: These are Quicktime movie clips. If your computer doesn't have Quicktime, or the movie won't play, go here for a free download:

OK, back to my star moments...

1) From The Mix Nancy talking about the creative flow

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2) From Insight Nancy shares the hidden secret of creativity
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3) From Univision's Primera Edicion learn 5 tips for reducing stress in your vida loca (this is in Spanish)
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bunny's Trip Down South

My mom came down and spent a long weekend with us and it was so much fun. Since my dad's passing in July, it was great to see my mom out laughing and having a good time.

I took her off the beaten path for a whirlwind fun weekend.

The entire weekend was made possible because my sister Shelley had a business meeting in Orange County. She brought Bunny along, and the rest is history. Here are Bunny, Shelley, and Citlalli on a warm Indian Summer night at Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.

Bunny, Citlalli, and I at the pier. Bunny's oft repeated quote of the night "I feel like I'm in Hawaii! This is like a movie!"

Citlalli and I playing in the waves at Doheney Beach in Dana Point.

Mommy Nancy and Citlalli giving a big thumbs up for the pancake breakfast. Kid friendly restaurants rule!

Bunny and Citlalli catching the surf.

A highlight of the weekend was attending my comadre Helena Pasquarella's 40th Birthday party. Helena and her husband live in a cool artists pad in Old Towne Orange, CA. She had a live band, a henna artist, goody bags, great food... it was awesome. Bunny had the time of her life and when I wasn't looking she got her whole hands and fingers hennaed. Wow! I got a flower design on my upper left arm and I really like it... should I go for some permanent ink there? Very tempting.

We also got a "flip picture" done at the party, from Helena and hubby's company Get Flipped. If I can figure out a way to show it to you I wil, but check out their website so you can get an idea. See if this link works...

I love it when people come to visit and I feel like I was the one on vacation. I hope my sis has more meetings down here cuz I really want them to visit again!