Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bunny's Trip Down South

My mom came down and spent a long weekend with us and it was so much fun. Since my dad's passing in July, it was great to see my mom out laughing and having a good time.

I took her off the beaten path for a whirlwind fun weekend.

The entire weekend was made possible because my sister Shelley had a business meeting in Orange County. She brought Bunny along, and the rest is history. Here are Bunny, Shelley, and Citlalli on a warm Indian Summer night at Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.

Bunny, Citlalli, and I at the pier. Bunny's oft repeated quote of the night "I feel like I'm in Hawaii! This is like a movie!"

Citlalli and I playing in the waves at Doheney Beach in Dana Point.

Mommy Nancy and Citlalli giving a big thumbs up for the pancake breakfast. Kid friendly restaurants rule!

Bunny and Citlalli catching the surf.

A highlight of the weekend was attending my comadre Helena Pasquarella's 40th Birthday party. Helena and her husband live in a cool artists pad in Old Towne Orange, CA. She had a live band, a henna artist, goody bags, great food... it was awesome. Bunny had the time of her life and when I wasn't looking she got her whole hands and fingers hennaed. Wow! I got a flower design on my upper left arm and I really like it... should I go for some permanent ink there? Very tempting.

We also got a "flip picture" done at the party, from Helena and hubby's company Get Flipped. If I can figure out a way to show it to you I wil, but check out their website so you can get an idea. See if this link works...

I love it when people come to visit and I feel like I was the one on vacation. I hope my sis has more meetings down here cuz I really want them to visit again!

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