Friday, October 28, 2005

Going on Univision TV at 5am is sorta like...

... dancing backwards and in high heels, a la Ginger Rogers.

I was invited to appear again on Univision's early morning show, Primera Edicion. I love going on this show! Coco and Gabi (the cohosts) are so wonderful and they always greet me with big smiles and besitos on the cheek.

This time I spoke on time management, offering 5 simple that people can start using today. I even got a phone call from a woman who saw the show and poured her heart out to me. Ay pobrecita, but a visit to Staples should start her on the right path.

OK, so why the Ginger Rogers analogy?

Primera Edicion comes on at 5am. So not only do I have to get up crazy early (try 2:45 am), take a shower, do studio strength make up and hair, dress up, drive 45 minutes to L.A., but I have to do the show in Spanish!

I can barely speak English at 5am, let alone Spanish, but for whatever reason the adrenaline kicks in and away I go, rattling off like it's nobody's business. The segment is quick, I'm back on the road and this time made it back to my place by 6:15am.

Paco was still asleep, Citlalli was asleep, and I was the early morning glamour girl. The night before I couldn't sleep (more on that later), so I crawled back into bed until Citlalli woke me up close to 7. Then it was business as usual Wednesday, hitting a playdate with my Mama Tribe.

I was so glad to get to a park date because the week before Citlalli had a touch of the stomach flu. Lucky us, it hit just as I picked her up from preschool. One second she's happily chowing down on Cheerios in the back seat, next second it's projectile vomiting.
Oh yeah, vomiting.
In the car.
Damage report: Car seat, the back of the driver's seat, the upholstery... barf central. Poor little Citlalli had it all over her clothes, yuck! Repeated every hour til 10 that night... oh I won't go so into details but it has played into my tiredness lately.
But she's the comeback kid. I don't know anyone who can barf one minute and then want to run around and play the next. Resilient little girl!
By the way, her 3rd birthday is next week (November 5).
Some final thoughts and then I'll shut up:
I haven't been sleeping well lately. With the sick child and all, I feel wrung out. So I took an herbal sleep aid and I swear it made me more hyper. Send good sleepy vibes my way cuz I need them!
OK, I needed to whine and now I did that. Ahhh, feels better already.

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