Friday, October 07, 2005

New! Comadre Coaching Multimedia Extravaganza

FINALLY I have Quicktime movie versions of some recent TV appearances.

These are going to be up on my website soon (maybe they already are by the time you read this) so people can see and hear the Comadre Coaching message to release your Inner Loca!

Get your Inner Loca some popcorn or chicharrones and rock out as I talk about the creative flow, the hidden secret of creativity, and stress reduction. (The stress reduction piece is in Spanish but it's really good. If you want a translation of my 5 points I'll be happy to send them to you.)

Note: These are Quicktime movie clips. If your computer doesn't have Quicktime, or the movie won't play, go here for a free download:

OK, back to my star moments...

1) From The Mix Nancy talking about the creative flow

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2) From Insight Nancy shares the hidden secret of creativity
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3) From Univision's Primera Edicion learn 5 tips for reducing stress in your vida loca (this is in Spanish)
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