Saturday, November 26, 2005

Succulent Turkey, Cuba Hoy, y Mas

  • We Put the Succ in Succulent
    First of all, can I tell you that my turkey this year was a PERSONAL BEST! I don't mean to gloat or brag, but I did culinary victory laps around the casa. Brine, brine, brine people! Even my comadre Sarah Judson, potter turned painter, brined her bird this year to succulent results.

    Succulent. Let's just leave it at that. (I'm running victory laps in place while you read this. Just can't stop. What a great turkey!)

    Photo/Art Exhibit:Cuba Hoy!

    Who: Raleigh and Helena of Kiss of Light Photography

    Where: Martinez Frame & Design;
    205 N. Broadway
    Santa Ana, CA 92704

  • Tel: 714-835-5288

    When: Reception: Dec 3rd 6-10pm.
    Exhibit up through January 3rd

    Why: To be cultured and have fun: Also the rest of the galleries in the
    Artist Village will be open for the monthly Artwalk.


    It's a Mutual Love Fest for La Comadre y Crafty Chica!
    Kathy Cano Murillo, my crafty chica creative goddess comadre, wrote some very nice unsolicited words about me. What a nice surprise! That embodies the type of person she is. Super positive, always encouraging.

    For you sea-faring comadres out there, you need to get on board with Kathy's Crafty Chica Cruises next year. Can you imagine going on a Latina funky art cruise! Can't you just see this band of Fridas swimming up to the bar in DIY bikini tops that light up and tell your fortune all at the same time. I WANT TO BE THERE! I want to freak out the other passengers with some day of the dead jewelry, or redecorate the lido deck with sombrero mini lights.

    OK, I'm being for real.

    Cruises have childcare. In fact they have a total kid loving package. This is a brilliant idea Kathy and I'm hoping to be on board for at least one of these wild adventures. Got room for me and a vivacious 3 year old comadrita?

    Keep going to Kathy's blog for more info (her blog which is as juicy as my award winning turkey! I'm still doing laps, btw)

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