Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tall Tales: My Very Cool Week Away

Just got back from a week in the Bay Area and I now present you with only the creamiest of the highlights.

Rock on Bono:
It all started with my first U2 concert in... 15 years? Dang. That's a long time. I was such a huge U2 fan in the 80's then I got really disappointed with their stint into superficiality around the early 90's. But last week I was reunited with the band I loved. My brother Mark and i attended together and he thinks that was our first arena concert since Thin Lizzy in 1981. Where did the years go? I am such a dork I even wrote a review on a fansite about the show. Here it is in case you must read it

Coaches A Go Go:
The purpose of my visit was to attend International Coach Federation Conference in San Jose and what a blast it was for me. Here I am with my podcasting partner Catherine Bruns. We really needed a photo taken of us and asked a total stranger if she'd oblige. She was writing in a notebook... I wonder if we intruded? After 5 or 6 takes ("Oooh, I hate that angle of my chin", "Our heads are too uneven") we released our photog prisoner back to her world of lobby journaling and went about our merry way.

I wore my big bad black boots that day and was about 8 feet taller than Catherine, so the part of this picture that you don't see are my knees crouching.

OK, if you're a coach, then this one ought to wow you. Here I am with C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now! Now do you see what happens when I don't crouch whilst being photographed? I think the theme of this conference was "Damn, you're tall! I thought you'd be short!"

I don't have a photo of me with Suzanne Falter Barns, but I shout to the world that she's a tall chica too! We hung out in her booth and chewed the chit with Cami, author of the upcoming book Trolls and Bitches. (I gravitate towards the rebels)

I also need a photo of Denise and Patsi, the brains behind the coolest conference blog Blogsquad Live. I need to spend a whole post on them, they are so cool.

Family Matters:
If you've been eavesdropping on my life for a while, you may recall that my niece Kati was featured on HGTV's Design on a Dime back a year or two. They took her messy teenage artist's bedroom and turned it into a super cool retro lounge. Kati P is all about old school tattoos, 40's pinup girls, Betty Page... you know, wholesome subject matter. She is beyond great as an artist and made this freeekin bejeeezus coolshizzel jacket for Citlalli's 3rd birthday. Can I turn 3 so I can get one too? I see a boutique on Melrose for rockstar children, don't you?

And speaking of birthday peeps, here is Citlalli celebrating her birthday. This kid had the time of her life with my side of the familia. I let people know that she is into all things purple, hello kitty, and big girl chones and she got all that and then some.

I want to add that my mom is AWESOME. She watched Citlalli each day while I went to the conference and they had so much fun together. Thanks mom! She's 73 going on 30.

that's my big trip away. It was tiring, but great. I didn't even go into that it was our first airplane trip. Long story short, Citlalli did great. She's used to 10 hour road trips from LA to SF. A 60 minute plane ride was a walk in the park. Yet another thing to add to my gratitude list.

OK, last words because I know that people hate to read anymore so I'll be brief. At the ICF conference, I attended sessions that focused on intangible topics like spirituality and the hero's journey. Very moving and I had some very cathartic moments. You may see a different side of me coming out in my writing soon because I'm about to come face to face with someone I've been trying to avoid for many years now: My Shadow Self. More on that to come.

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