Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Loca Prayer Candle

Each year, the Chispa Coaching Circle has a gift exchange where we make something for everyone. Last year we made glass marble bling magnets which were amazing. Each person received 6 personalized magnets with images just for her.

This year, we are making Prayer Candles. Everyone made a cover to go over a 7 day holy candle (about the size of a tennis ball can), color copied it, then sent the copies to each one in the group. We will wrap the covers around candles and bask in the glow when we have our virtual meeting.

Mine was made with Loteria cards, and after I copied the pic I swizzled some red glitter along the meridians.

This is a cool gift for a group of friends to make. Use collage, cartoons from magazines, found items... whatever rocks you. Color copy them and send them to your friends, perhaps adding a little embellishment (like glitter, paint,)

Here is the basic rundown:
1. You will create a collage or picture on a surface measuring about 8 ½ x 6 ½ . Approx ½ inch of that will be a seam that you can apply glue to.

2. Traditionally, these candles have an image on the front and a prayer on the back. I love the way that people interpret the Holy Candle. Here are a few examples:
Crafty Chica
And let's not leave our Wiccan friends out this Yule

3. Make color copies and send one to each friend. I like to personally embellish each copy with glitter, a handwritten note, or some small 3-D object like a pebble or dried flower.

4. Your candle can be a wish, an intention, or your special touch.

5. Have a party together and enjoy the flames!

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