Friday, February 03, 2006

Dog Party Nets Tens of Thousands of Dollars in 1 Day!

Happy Year of the Dog! This past week my little mama group got together at Erin's casa and had a Year of the Dog fiesta. We ate lots of mooshy mochi type sweets (I kept telling the kids they were called "fuchi" and that got a few giggles), potstickers, rice cakes, and the ever present, not so Asian Blue Corn Tortilla Chips from Trader Joes.

Citlalli brought home stacks of play money (hence the alluring title I grabbed you in here with ) and the topper of the day was singing "Who Let the Dogs Out" with a crowd of preschoolers and toddlers. Yes, my Wednesdays are the best!

Adios Bella Brava
My comadre Lorinda Morales, CEO of Bella Brava, just sent notice that she's closing Bella Brava's doors. She's got another venture up her sleeve, and I can't wait to see that in action. In the meantime, Lorinda is having a liquidation sale of her bath and beauty products. Her products are AMAZING and I personally use them myself. She is a perfectionist and exacts extreme care and attention to each potion, lotion, and spray. Take a look at what's left so you can have a last chance to enjoy her wonderful products: Bella Brava Website.

Well, I've done it again and gotten myself hooked on a reality type TV show! It all started with American Idol Season 2 and now, at the strong urging of my mom and my sister, I've fallen in love with Dancing With the Stars. Last night Stacy the wrestler samba'd up a storm and shook it like you couldn't believe. Citlalli and I were in the livingroom dancing along (I took Samba lessons a million years ago but you never forget those moves!)

I have always loved watching ballroom dancing, so this is a thrill to see non-dancers get a chance to do their thing on the floor. Of course, some of them have more background than others and it shows, but the improvement is amazing. Jerry Rice kicked butt last night, he found this groove last week and it's still with him. Yes, Jerry Rice the Raider. I'm serious people, if you're not watching this show YOU MUST.

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